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  1. "Everybody on the selection panel was impressed by Kevin’s outstanding vision for building on Monica’s achievements over the last 10 years. Kevin has a fantastic track record as a dancer, and understands the importance of nurturing dancers at all levels of the Company. Since his appointment as Administrative Director he has been part of the team that has been instrumental in shaping The Royal Ballet’s future and securing its welfare, but also in breaking new boundaries and reaching out to new audiences. In 2009 he secured the Company’s historic tour to Cuba, which won rave reviews and featured
  2. I first saw Tamara Rojo when she moved from Scottish Ballet to ENB & was a remarkable Juliet opposite Roberto Bolle in the Derek Deane arena version of the ballet R&J & the RB was right to snap her up when her abilities became clear to London audiences. Without doubt I would concur with an earlier poster who said that her best role is the Chosen Maiden in MacMillan's Rite of Spring where her performance is nothing short of thunderous & then heartbreaking. I have also seen her Song of the Earth which is beautiful. In the 3 act MacMillan works her Juliet is an everchanging char
  3. Ashton's Cinderella will return to the ROH stage in the spring of 2010 according to the new season brochure. I'm happily anticipating lots of debuts both in the Cinders / Prince roles but also the Fairy Godmother as many of the dancers that used to do this role have moved on.
  4. I saw Monday nights ABT Swan Lake with Veronica Part & Marcel Gomes in the lead roles & was delighted by her performance, her Odile in particular is beautiful & her presentation of the Black Swan pdd was just marvellous & very exciting. I was sitting quite close & she made it all look very easy even though we know its not & ABT are very lucky to have her. Could someone familiar with the US performances inform me as to what other roles she gets cast in at ABT as there was no biog details (or pic) of her in the rubbish programme that was for sale. She must do Aurora surel
  5. Souritz's book is a gem, I've had a copy for about 12 years & its great to dip in & out of or to read in one ago about many ballets that are not likely to be ever seen again.
  6. If a dancer chooses to get a tatt that's up to them as its not the 19th century!! The few dancers that do get them are usually sensible enough to put them in a discreet location which 95% of the time will be covered by a costume, so no big deal there then. Recently I became aware that one of the male Royal Ballet dancers had a tattoo located in the small of his back that was rather attractive looking. A couple of days later he featured in a new ballet with a costume that revealed it to those who knew where to look for it or sat close enough to the stage, but given the nature of the piece it
  7. I'm looking forward to the ABT visit to London in April. It is a shame that Swan Lake makes up the majority of their shows, but traditionally this ballet is usually a sure-fire hit in terms of box office sales no matter what company presents it so the programming does make sense though I'd rather see Le Corsaire. Most companies relaunching their London presence always seem to opt for SL as its so safe (I have a recollection Helgi Tommason brought it with his San Francisco company) as it is often a useful way for London audiences to compare various company styles & strengths (or weaknesses)
  8. I'm reading Persian Fire by Tom Holland about the ancient Persian civilization & will shortly move onto a Modern History of Iran. Why? Well I'm off to Iran on holiday in April!
  9. I think so far only the Australian Ballet have it in their rep. They brought it to London on tour & it got some great reviews & looked fabulous on the massive coliseum stage as the designs gave it a very distinct look from any other production & the dramatic rethink was quite effective. I was a bit disappointed that on their recent tour to London with Les Presages that they didn't bring Swan Lake back for a second look.
  10. My favourite so far was Derek Deane's production for English National Ballet a few years ago, primarily for an effectively gothic second act. I've also seen their current production, but I'm not sure who the producer was. Sir Peter Wright's for the Royal Ballet. David Bintley & Galina Samsova's for Birmingham Royal Ballet (again with a particularly good 2nd act). Alicia Alonso's version for her Cuba company. The Kirov's in a London visit a few years ago -again not sure whose version. The interesting thing about British companies dancing this ballet is always act 2 where most of the de
  11. The Trocks & La Bayadere: the possibilities are endless..... I've just checked the Trocks website & Bayadere is not in their rep, but I can imagine what they would be able to bring to it & this ballet is just ripe for reinvention!!
  12. Les Patineurs is an absolute gem of a ballet & I always think that Ashton was at his best making these short ballets rather than full length evening ballets. I've seen at least 3 professional companies tackle it (not always successfully) & a dance school (Rambert I think) who danced it with Ashtonian panache. The steps are often simple in appearance, but deceptively hard for a dancer to perform & make it look easy! It's also a ballet that crops up in a lot of dancer's interviews or biographies as many of it's casts seem to particularly recall dancing in it & they frequently ta
  13. 2008 in London was definitely hit & miss with some maginficent performances & some utter dross. Hits included: Aki Saito & the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Impressing the Czar & particularly In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated. Stunning. Lauren Cuthbertson of the RB in practically every role that she has danced in 2008 showing that she indeed has something special. Marianela Nunez giving a Swan Lake of extraordinary beauty. Miyako Yoshida of the RB reminding us at the December premier of Nutcracker that no-one else can do that SPF pdd quite like her, she just is the music! M
  14. I also saw the La Bayadere which were the debut performances of Yuhui Choe (a dancer I have admired since she joined the company as she always draws my eye even when among the corps), Sergei Poluni & Hikaru Kobayashi. All 3 were excellent both in their dancing & in the creation of their respective characters & more than justified Monica Mason's faith in them. It would have been nice for them to have a second public performance as I'm sure they would have been even better & would have been more relaxed once the initial debut was successfully completed. Polunin is definitely a t
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