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Balanchine on Jeopardy!

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According to nycballet.com:

"Jeopardy!" will air a category called Balanchine Ballets as part of their Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Airs Wednesday, March 9,7:00 p.m. on ABC Channel 7 EST. Please check local listings for times and channels in other parts of the country.

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Can you remember what some of the questions -- oops, answers -- were?
I wrote a whole long post on this, with all the answers and questions when they were fresh in my mind, but, as sometimes happens, the post went "poof" into cyberland, never to be found again. This, as usual, removed all desire on my part to write it all over again. In the days since, I have forgotten the "answers" but I do remember some of the "questions". Perhaps we can come up with some new "answers" for them! :)

• Who is Maria Tallchief?

• Who is Tanaquil Leclercq?

• What is Midsummer Night's Dream?

• Who is Terpsichore? (the contestant pronounced it "terpsicoor" -- the "answer" asked for the the third muse, the muse of the dance, after listing Calliope and Polyhymnia)

• Who is Gershwin? (the "answer" mentioned "Who Cares")

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