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Phrenic New Ballet

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Phrenic New Ballet to Re-Emerge As Two New Companies

After a five-year collaboration,

Phrenic New Ballet's artistic directors have decided to re-emerge as two

separate dance companies to develop and clarify their own distinct artistic

visions.  The companies will operate under new names, one under the artistic

direction of Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein, and the other under the

artistic direction of Matthew Neenan and Christine Cox.

Anyone know why? (Perhaps this should be a subcategory under the PA Ballet forum?)

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Received the following e-mail today:

remember us Phrenic New Ballet folk from the PA Ballet. We've spawned a

new company --I will send you a press release--, but here is the info

if you could please add the new company to your links.

1. name of company: miro dance theatre

2. address of site: http://www.mirodancetheatre.org

3.please list under modern and ballet if thats ok




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And here's the press release... (I assume it's okay with Ballet Alert to post this? I removed the e-mail contact addresses as a spam guard)


Media contact: Tobin Rothlein, 267-847-0025

October 29, 2004



PHILADELPHIA, PA— Philadelphia’s premier video and dance innovators

Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein announce the formation of miro dance

theatre, a new contemporary ballet and multi-media company to further

advance the integration of dance and multimedia while allowing for more

in-depth development of new work.

Miller and Rothlein will preside over the company as artistic director

and producing artistic director respectively and have assembled a

Philadelphia-based touring company of dancers with a highly developed

and unique style of movement. Company members have performed with such

prestigious companies as Lines Ballet, THARP!, Donald Byrd, Dance

Theatre of Harlem, and Suzanne Farrell Ballet.

“With miro we want to move beyond our formal and classical training to

explore and embrace the most contemporary ideas in dance, performance,

and multi-media techniques,” said Miller.

Rothlein adds, “miro dance theatre is unique not because we mix

multi-media and dance but for how we mix them. We believe that dance,

video and visual design are all equal partners on the performance


Continuing with Miller and Rothlein’s five year history of bringing an

edgy, contemporary sensibility to classical dance through the founding


directing of Phrenic New Ballet, miro dance theatre challenges the

classic forms through experimentation and discovery. Miro dance theatre

seeks to extend and share its vision with the general and artistic

communities through outreach in the forms of residency activities, open

workshops, master classes, and through access to visiting artists.


Page 2

Miro dance theatre already has several performances scheduled in the

coming months.

• Miller and Callender, with video by Rothlein, will perform with the

Singing City Choir on November 13th at the Philadelphia Cathedral on

38th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia.

• miro dance theatre has been invited to perform in The Remember

Project on December 4th at Saint Mark’s Church in New York City.

• Miller’s work, from her residency in The Choreographer’s Project,

will be performed on December 11th and 12th at Susan Hess Modern Dance,

2030 Sansom Street.

• The company directors are working on plans for miro dance theatre

performances in London, England in the fall of 2005.

Miro dance theatre has brought together a truly talented and forward

thinking group of dancers. In addition to Artistic Director Miller the

company consists of: Tanya Wideman-Davis, former dancer with Lines

Ballet; Donald Byrd, Dance Theatre of Harlem; Jessica Lang, Juilliard

graduate and former dancer with THARP!; Rhea Roderick, recent performer

with Phrenic New Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Rick Callender,

former dancer with Suzanne Farrell Ballet.

Miro dance theatre encompasses the many artistic avenues through which

emotions can be expressed and stories can be told. To learn more about

miro dance theatre please go to www.mirodancetheatre.org.


miro. dance. theatre.

PO BOX 54551

Philadelphia, PA 19148


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Thank you for the news. It seems clear what this one half of the original Phrenic Ballet is doing. I hope we hear where the other founding members are headed.

They are all extremely talented with bright futures I am sure. I am wondering if Neenan and Cox will keep the name of Phrenic Ballet since Miller and Rothlein have created a new identity.

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am wondering if Neenan and Cox will keep the name of Phrenic Ballet

It is a curious name... When you said that, I realized I had never gotten around to finding out what "Phrenic" meant... I'm embarrassed to realize I had been blurring it to mean something similar to "frantic"... Instead it seems to mean "of the mind, or pertaining to the diaphram"...

Dictionary.com search results for "phrenic"

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