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There are now several Blogs Worth Checking that deal with ballet, and I thought I'd start a thread for them, for easy reference.

Tobi Tobias recently celebrated her first anniversary of her ArtsJournal blog Seeing Things She writes nearly weekly (and there's a "coming soon" line where she posts when she expects to write again, and the subject.

San Francisco dance critic and writer Rachel Howard just started a blog. In addition to reviews, she raises issues in dance that deserve an airing. Updated frequently.

Bruce Sansom has a blog over on ballet.co. He kept a record of his company's summer tour -- it's stopped now, or at least resting, but well worth a read.

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I've enjoyed reading all of these, but I must admit that it's difficult to keep up with all the additions. Like all of us, I spend too much time in front of the screen, and the list of websites I mouse through every day looking for new postings is getting unwieldy. I wish there was some way I could get a notice when there's a new post (rather like Doug McLennan's ArtsJournal link site, or the yeoman work you all do here) so I could spend more time reading and less time looking for something to read.

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It's another thing to do, and not perfectly reliable, but you can use blogreader software that tracks the new posts to the list of blogs you give it that have what are called xml or rss feeds. Feedster.com, is web-based and free, but also can delay, so if you're impatient for new material, your best choice is to bookmark sites.

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This looked like it could use an update:

A few dance blogs:

Alexandra Tomalonis - http://ballet.blogs.com/blog/

Rachel Howard - http://www.rachelhoward.com

Tobi Tobias - http://www.artsjournal.com/tobias/

Brendan McCarthy - http://dancerdance.blogspot.com/

Yours truly - http://www.leighwitchel.com/blog - warning - I use mine almost like a column to write on several subjects that interests me so mine tends to be eclectic.

There are more, please feel free to add to this list.

To keep up with blogs (and cut down on reading time, because you need to check them less frequently) I use a blogreader. I like http://www.bloglines.com a lot - it's free and there's no advertising either.

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New blog - Kristin Sloan, dancer with NYCB, is doing a photo blog

An interesting glimpse backstage.

It's very interesting -- she's got a very matter-of-fact tone in her comments.

On the corps headwear for Brahms-Schoenberg.

" These things are pretty heavy, but its the long ribbons in the back that jerk your head back when your partner grabs you that are the REAL hazard."

One question -- is she taking her blog photos with that camera phone?!

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Welcome, Bonnie, and we're glad you enjoy BalletAlert!

You can get e-mail notifications of any topic, subforum or forum by clicking the WATCH link at the top of the page. I hope that, in addition to reading our discussions, you'll add your own insights, opinions and experiences.

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This isn't quite a blog, but a compendium of articles about ballet and other dance forms, edited by Lisa Kraus (writer for the Phila. Inquirer and former Trisha Brown Dancer)--it's worth checking out: http://thinkingdance.net/

Moderators, relocate this if you need to.

Oh, I'm glad you're reading her work -- I've been dipping in and out for awhile and have thoroughly enjoyed her!

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