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Greskovic on Suzanne Farrell Ballet


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Since the review is headlined: "Suzanne Farrell Gets Her Revenge," I can understand why Farrell Fan is happy :wub:

Here's a quote:

Since first putting dancers through Balanchinean paces, initially in  1989, staging ballets for the Balanchine Trust, which oversees the  dissemination of Balanchine's work outside NYCB, Ms. Farrell has  revealed an eye for detail and concern for liveliness. Such focus  continues to distinguish her work with the diverse and mostly  unaffiliated dancers who now work with her, some of whom have had  little experience in general and even less with the Balanchine canon.

The inclusion on her all-Tchaikovsky bill of ballets with substantial  female ensembles -- 12-strong in the "Waltz of the Flowers" ("The Nutcracker") and 17 in number for "Serenade" ("Serenade for Strings")-- demonstrated Ms. Farrell's vision of vivid, detailed performing on a more sweeping scale than she has worked with on her own to date. Indeed, it is consistently in the area of general esprit and group cohesion that Ms. Farrell's stagings tend to sparkle and shine most rewardingly.

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