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NYCB on NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade

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It was cute... very brief. They called it the Harlequin Dance. I thought the young students were featured more than Janie Taylor and Tom Gold. I kept thinking she must have been freezing in the tutu although, she looked lovely. I was interested to see what she wore on her feet. I believe they were pink dance sneakers. I hope, for their sake, they did not continue on the parade route.

My sister was watching the parade from her hotel window, eye level with the balloons, just a bit in front of Macy's. She said most of the performances we saw on tv were inserted into the parade, but are not part of the parade.

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I saw the last part of their dance. I'm so glad you posted who it was because by the time I saw them the TV was not displaying their names/company anymore! I think they were both wearing dance sneakers, quite sensible for that type of floor. It was cute how Tom missed the wall but he covered pretty well! Even though they were in sneakers their dancing was still exquisite and professional and I enjoyed it!

Oh, yes, she must have been freezing but she certainly didn't look like she was!!!

She looked great! :wink:

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It was a very nice little -- and I mean little -- performance. Tom Gold did the company proud, as did Janie. But what stood out for me was that Janie didn't have her usual heavy, heavy eye makeup on. And I thought she looked just perfectly fine without the black eyelashes. What a difference!!

It will be interesting to see whether Janie gets the lead in the upcoming Harlequinade. In my mind, I had tapped her more for the Good Fairy role (which the 1970's corps girl Nina Fedorova did so memorably). We'll see. I'll take either.

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I think you all covered it well except to mention that it was on the Angelina Ballerina float. The SAB girls were cute as buttons.

"There is no better time to leave the crowded stores and piles of

wrapping paper behind than

Saturday, November 29 at 8:00pm and

Sunday, November 30 at 5:00pm,

when good seats are still available to renew this holiday tradition for yourself--

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I am betting on Teresa Reichlin as La Bonne Fee...or maybe Pascale v K.??

Janie Taylor is a dancer I enjoy watching...her dancing has sort of wreckless lyricism that I find intriguing. She manages to be both somewhat cold and very feminine...an elusive mixture. I loved her "savage beauty" look in the scherzo of TCHAIKOVSKY SUITE #3. Looking forward to her SPF next Sunday.

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It was wonderful. I remember Angelina Ballerina from when I was young (I still have a doll on my bed, actually). I'm so glad to see her becoming popular again. The dancing was lovely, even in bulky dance sneakers. Poor Tom Gold just couldn't quite manage to jump up on that wall in the end, though, could he? We'll forgive him. I wish we saw more of that kind of publicity for the dance world.

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