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In looking over Amazon's DVD's I came across a "Swan Lake" that looked interesting. It is of the Deutsche Staatsoper, Berlin with Barenboim conducting. Most of the plaudits are for Barenboim, but this Patrice Bart interpretation was well received, it seems, by the few people who reviewed it--as was their opinion of the ballerina, Steffi Scherzer. Since my library does not have it :lol: , I might have to buy it. I would like to hear from people who have seen this DVD, or a live performance, and particularly about the ballerina.

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I have recently bought this dvd. I don't like the interpretation and I don't like the ballerina Steffi Schrezer at all! She did'nt put her heart in her dancing, but of course that is my opinion! At the same time I did buy another dvd of Swan Lake by the Royal Swedish Ballet. I did like the interpretation of Sir Peter Wright! Nathalie Nordquist is a very lovely Odette. Her interpretation of Odile is less. Anders Nordstrom is very, very charming prince Siegfried. I highly recommand this dvd. I think you like it also!


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This German production is problematic, in that in the first Act everybody wears modern suits as if they're having a tea party. The Third act is pretty weird too, with the Queen having a reverse oedipal thing, and some german expressionist dancing in front of a mirror.


I think Steffi Scherzer is pretty wonderful in the 2nd act. She's very much a sorrowful Odette, fully aware that everything will go to pieces. I like the way she keeps some form of repose in her work. Watch the big pdd and especially her solo variation afterwards, the big sissonnes and the rubato in the big diagonal at the end.

And, yes, the lighting is bad. But it's supposed to be that way. The music is predictably gorgeous.

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I finally got to see this DVD through my library. I had never seen the Patrice Bart version---and all I can say is wow :excl: It's not the sort of version to see on Mother's Day. :unsure: Is this the version now being performed at the Paris Opera---do any other companies perform this? I was completely engrossed with the telling of the story; but, then, I am on the side of any choreographer who dispenses with the tutor and jester in Act 1. The opening scene startled me--I wondered if I was watching a Tudor ballet that I had somehow missed. I liked the Edwardian costumes, but found the tutus too bouffant---all that fabric took away

from the dancers' line. Oliver Matz as the Prince was quite good--beautiful line and feet; Steffi Scherzer is a big beautiful dancer with lovely long languorous sweeps of the leg. And yes, Herman Stevens---those sissones into arabesque in her 2nd Act Variation were exceptional. I found the lighting to be good--the costumes were light colored against a dark background and it was easy to see the dancers. All this and Barenboim, too.

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