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Does anyone have a video or know where to purchase one of Ashton's Midsummer's Night Dream? I remember seeing one with Dowell and Sibley at someone's home in the 80's but cannot seem to find it now. Or if there is one of another company doing it, that is great. I love this version and want my students to see the combination of storytelling and ballet in such a marvelous form.

Thanks -

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mbjerk, sorry that I am not able to help you with this.

I think that when "The Dream" was televised, I did not yet own a VCR. I've not seen it since, though my memory tells me that the cast included: Dowell, Merle Park and Wayne Sleep.

I am with you in loving the Ashton version.

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indeed there are no commercial releases of THE DREAM.

at least however the one w/ park & dowell was telecast in color here so some off the air copies are around.

the very gifted margaret dale did a filming for bbc tv, B&W, w/ sibley and dowell, mostly original cast all around, but that taping, which was shown here in the 70s i think, has not be re-shown during the era of the vcr.

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Did you see Rebecca Wright perform Titania? My first live Titania was Francesca Corkle with Burton Taylor as Oberon. I think Francesca was amazing. I've heard that Rebecca had a glow. Can you write about her performance?

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I remember (from my days as a clerk at Tower Records during the 80s) that there was a commercially released video of The Dream from Home Box Office Video. It came in a hard plastic box and the label was gray. I'm angry at myself now for not getting it but I was not into Ashton at the time. Dowell was definitely in it.

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Thanks to all -

Rebecca was truly a fairy queen. Her multiple spots during pirrouttes made her seem as if she was sparkling all about. Her feistiness came through in the scenes with Oberon (Kevin McKenzie) and I just adored her in this role. This an Valentine were my favorites of the rep she danced that I saw at Joffrey.

Needless to say her technique was very secure - to the point where she played her the character and changed her dynamics each performance.

Kevin was also great in this. His elegance and ability to let the woman take prominence were well used here.

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how interesting dale, to think that the bbc dowell/park 'dream' once WAS available commercially. (do you rem. if the 'month in a country' that was telecast around the same time was also available? i hadn't know it to be made available in this way either.

ah well, those of us old enough to know better, could probably all write books about the books, tapes, &/or sundry items 'that we let get away...'

i can't think that tape was available for very long. but maybe it just slipped by my notice.

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Now I might not be sure about it being Home Box Office Video or Home Vision. But I'm pretty sure it was out because I was in a Balanchine or Bust time and was annoyed it wasn't the Farrell/Villella/Balanchine version.

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Guest SpringerB

To all of those interested in Frederick Ashton's "The Dream," this program, danced by American Ballet Theatre, is now available on VHS and DVD through Thirteen/WNET New York's website at www.thirteen.org. (Starring Ethan Stiefel as Oberon, Alessandra Ferri as Titania, and Herman Cornejo as Puck.)

Also, "The Dream" will broadcast tonight on DANCE IN AMERICA/Great Performances, Thirteen/WNET at 8pm. Please check your local PBS listings for specific city air dates and times.DANCE IN AMERICA's "The Dream"

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