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  1. My prayers to everyone in the destruction zone. My cousin, his wife and toddler were evacuated from Brick, NJ via military vehicle during the height of the storm. In advance of the storm, they were advised to stock up on batteries, but not advised to evacuate. (Still wouldn't have been my choice to stay, but....) They are among the lucky as well. Four feet of water in their house and two lost vehicles, but three homes on their block burned to the ground because the fire department couldn't reach them. There were fatalities in their neighborhood as well. They are happy to be replacing things like carpet and sheetrock, at this point.
  2. Winners include Beckanne Sisk of BalletWest and Turning Pointe. http://www.pgfusa.org/awards-winners
  3. On the other thread, Abatt said: I would not be surprised if Ms. Jaffe continues to coach specific roles at ABT. UNCSA's Chancellor, John Mauceri, states often that he has strong convictions that the Deans of the various schools at UNCSA should continue to work professionally in their fields as well as lead their schools. The Chancellor himself continues to conduct orchestras all over the world, including high profile Hollywood-type events. I hope Ms. Jaffe is able to continue to coach at ABT. Dean Stiefel was not able to successfully serve two masters (administrative/teaching, vs. performing) in part due to scheduling challenges. Hopefully, Dean Jaffe will have a little more flexibility with coaching opportunities than Dean Stiefel had at the mercy of his performance schedule.
  4. You are right, Helene, they do hire from them - one of my daughter's contracts was from an open audition with one of the companies you listed above. But also remember that some AGMA companies are required to hold an open audition by agreement, even if they are not hiring.
  5. I think this statement is key, and I suspect a fair percentage of retiring dancers do not want to continue in the dance world. Burnout aside, I can see how the perfectionist tendencies of these dancers could deter them. No perfectionist wants to risk producing anything less than they are (or were once) capable of.
  6. A good friend is going. He has only been to one other ballet performance in his life, and all he can say is "Ah, Patricia McBride....". I'm looking forward to his reaction to POB's Giselle.
  7. Completely agree - I'm not one to get too hung up on whatever the traditional look is, but the ladies' Rubies costumes just don't suit the ballet at all.
  8. Lane and Phillips dancing on the news in Chicago: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/video?id=8592774
  9. I have had the same issue as kfw with being unable to title links. But everything else looks fine.
  10. I wonder if the Board gave any thought to the fact that Linda Villella is the Director of the MCB School. If Edward leaves town, does she go too?
  11. BalletMet On Demand opens tonight: On Demand
  12. This is a great event, and really does attract folks ages 1-100. The variety of pieces has something for everyone and as Helene suggests, the casual, outdoor venue is perfect for those who want to try a non-threatening taste of dance or even just a nice, free evening out for the family. Last year the event was in conjunction with an organization called Waterfire, who gave a somewhat choreographed presentation of lighting small bonfires on the surface of the river and on the park grounds at dusk. This made a wonderfully unique backdrop for the dance performance which followed the lighting ceremony. The press release does not mention whether Waterfire will participate again this year, but regardless, giving the community free or inexpensive access to ballet is something BalletMet seems to do better than any other company I am familiar with.
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