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  1. I like reading about peole in dance or about performances, the main thing that will turn me off of an article or a book is if it's too dry. If a book is written like a cheap text book it's gone. I read a book about the Ballet Russe like that. It was a great shame because such a great topic like the Ballet Russe and all that came from it was demolished by a book that was unreadable.
  2. Vancouver Canada, I've also lived in Toronto and in the USA in Virginia, Arlington to be exact.
  3. mic31

    Ballet BC

    Ballet BC Carmen was choreographed by Jean Grand-Maitre also on the ticket is In and around Kozla street(Warsaw) by Serge Bennathan and Dvorak Serenade by John Clifford
  4. mic31

    Ballet BC

    The have the ballet Carmen coming up in early November. They seem to have a decent following here. I haven't seen as much of Ballet BC as I would like to. Check their website for more info or just contact me I'll dig up what I can
  5. I guess that I should have started the thread here. I asked this because as my own techinque develops I'm trying to get an idea of how and where I should begin to focus B)
  6. I took up ballet to help excersise my back. What I discovered is something that has become an overwelming passion in my life. I am a former professional athelete. I hold a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and am generally a very driven person. What I discovered in ballet is almost another martial art. Ballet is codified it has a very traditional training regimen. There are different styles of ballet, and even they are open to endless interpretation. What differentiates ballet from a martial art is, expression. What ballet means to me is hard to explain. To me it's an exploration, an endless journey where I am learning more and more about myself through movement. I am very fortunate to have a very gifted teacher. This has made my technique much easier to learn. I think that I push the envelope a bit. I started when I was just turning 31. I'll practise and practise the simplest movement for hours days or weeks until it's just right. Through martial arts and cycling I know what it takes to achieve a high level of profeciency in something. As a martial artist, bike racer or a dancer you must be willing to dig deep into yourself a reach for the next level. Very few people are willing to do that, that's why there are alot of average people in anything in life. I can't forsee anytime that I'll stop ballet classes, there is just too much to learn.
  7. I was new to ballet and was searching the net for some good informative sites. I found ballet alert through a site on a webring
  8. I was new to ballet and was searching the net for some good informative sites. I found ballet alert through a site on a webring
  9. in the adult ballet section I posted some names of some more schools in Vancouver.
  10. Simon Fraser University in Vancouver........Vancouver also has the best weather, although it can be a tad damp in the winter. There is also a huge selection of dance schools and studios. I believe that UBC has a dance program as well
  11. Does anybody know of any adult competions...I started ballet at 31. anyway I was just curious.
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