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  1. Hi, Actually when Vikharev first did the reconstruction in 1999, he met with a lot of resistance from a lot of people, who didn't believe that the notations were real - as a consequence of that, he decided to retain the Soviet variation for the Prince in Act 3 as a sop to the dancers. Same with La Bayadere - he retained the Bronze Idol variation at least to start with. Actually Mr Vikharev was working in a totally hostile atmosphere - so it is a miracle that he succeeded at all - this was at a time when many of the Soviet old guard were still alive including Natalia Dudinskaya herself. I alwa
  2. Are these available on DVD? I can't find them listed on the usual sites (Amazon, B&N, Kultur) Not yet. Surely only a matter of time. I love the Waltz of the Hours in that version
  3. I agree; the casts you name are superior - no let me temper that statement by suggesting that they are better casts (MO). The Cuthbertson/Bonelli dvd will also be in direct competition with the 2009 Rojo/Acosta dvd. Well I think that it sounds super. Please give Cuthbertson/Bonelli a chance. They might suprise all of us. Lauren Cuthbertson is said to be one of the best Juliets of her generation. Please don't be harsh on the current generation of dancers. They do their best to give us wonderful performances. Enjoy them for what they can offer us.
  4. Hi there, I also got this version of Coppelia. From the reviews above, it seems that this version is not very popular. I can see why it is unpopular but as I approached this with no preconceptions, I enjoyed this version and I would like to defend it. Here are my impressions of it. This version is certainly dark, not like the Petipa version, but then so was the Hoffman tale, "The Sandman." It seems to me that Bart was trying to get back to the original tale which he succeeds in some aspects and not in others. For instance, The Sandman opens with the main character who is called Nathaniel re
  5. I love the Waltz of the Snowflakes in the Royal Ballet's version as it is the original version as given in the notations of the original Mariinsky production. The patterns are meant to represent a snow storm. For myself, I have two favourite Nutcracker productions, the first one is the 1990 BRB version as it is the very first Nutcracker that I ever saw on TV and I believe that this version is held in very high regard. I love it because it tells a clear story and the dancing is never less than absorbing. I love the sets and costumes as well. The acting is not too bad either. Sandra Madgewick
  6. I can't wait to see Coppelia. But I do have a question. Which ballerina should I see. Maria Alexandrova or Natalie Osipova. I have heard good things of both ballerinas and as I am a student. I can only afford to see one ballet. So which one? Please help? I will be more than grateful
  7. Hi there. Are the mime scenes included, e.g Berthe's Mime Scene? Also what is the production like? Is it dramatically exciting?
  8. Hi there Eric Montreal Like you, I am a great fan of the Mariinsky reconstructions of the Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere. I saw the reconstructions in London when the Kirov brought them on tour and I always felt that I was gazing at a different world. Why can't the Mariinsky Ballet just film them and put them on DVD? I think that part of the problem is that the Kirov Ballet old timers were very resistant to the reconstuctions not only because they saw it as a betrayal of everything that they were ever taught but also because they saw it as vulgar in some ways. Russians are a very patroti
  9. Hi there. Does the POB production include any mime at all, e.g. Berthe's mime warning Giselle of the Wilis? I just think that the story makes more sense with the mime than without it. Also is Act Two based on the Skemping Production, in that I mean is that do the Wilis scare off any other men besides Albrecht and Hilarion?
  10. Hi there Mashinka. I was just wondering whether you have read the discussion that I had with Mel Johnson on the Awakening Pas de Deux here. Extra PDD In Het Nationale DVD Can I ask if you remember any more of the Ashton and Wright production as I love to hear about it. Did you see it when they had the long tutus? I look forward from hearing from you very soon.
  11. I'm afraid I can't agree with the assertion that the MacMillan Beauty 'was even more disliked than the 1968 Ashton and Wright production', as only the critics disliked the A & W production whereas audiences loved it. Setting the ballet in the middle ages upset the ultra conservative critics of the time as it is apparently set in stone that Sleeping Beauty must always appear to be set at the court of Louis XIV. Speaking for myself, if given a time machine to see RB productions of the past, I'd head straight back to that wonderful A & W production (with Margot and Rudolf dancing the le
  12. Thank you, but I have already read it. Thanks anyway for replying.
  13. Thank you, Mr Fullington for replying to my question. I wonder whether it would be possible if you could consult the notations at some point and write down the mime that is used because I tell you why. I sometimes act out mime scenes when I am listening to Sleeping Beauty. Thank you so much for answering my question and I look forward to hearing from you again
  14. By the way, thank you you RG for replying so quickly.
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