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  1. carbro, thank you so very much for your kind welcome and for getting me started. I had never seen Igor Zelensky before. Though some parts of his performance, his jumps for instance, at this point in time, seem stronger than other parts. Still I felt that he possibly gave the best live male performance that I had ever seen. I use the past tense because about two weeks later in Detroit I saw Leonid Sarafanov for the first time and thought that he was extremely good as well, especially at the jumps. He seemed like a younger Zelensky in this respect. Both seem to have a light and soaring manner. If I'm not mistaken Zelensky opened his hunting scene solo with huge cabrioles. This was different from the other dancers. Only on a video have I noticed something similar (Farukh Razumatov's same variation). In the Wedding Scene solo (Saturday, LA) Zelensky's circle of jumps started off slowly, but then determinedly became stronger and stronger. They were those jumps that seem to go higher at the point where you would expect them to begin their descent. Although he didn't seem greatly demonstrative in his characterization, I still felt that this is a very capable person and a man with a geat deal of feeling. Leonid Sarafanov, I thought did many things very well in Detroit. His jumps as I mentioned above, like Zelensky's, had a poetic quality. The way he and his partner, Olesia Novikova, related to each other was quite fine. They may not have had the onstage lovingness of Fonteyn and Nureyev, but they seemed to have a comfortable and warm understanding of each other. Natalia, I believe that you mentioned somewhere that you appreciated some audience members applauding Adrian Fedeev's solid fifth position landings. I did see Sarafanov do the same thing in most of the landings that I observed. As for the other men, Princes and Bluebirds, I liked them all. No surprise. This is one incredible dance company! The other Detroit Princes. Listed as Vladimir Shkliarov in the program, Saturday afternoon. He had huge jumps. I guess they all did. With Adrian Fedeev there was probably a lot of detail that I missed. He seemed very good and very nice. I believe he inserted double jump turns between his jetes in his circular Wedding Scene solo. They were there someplace and quite impressive. He also seemed to be the most genuinely touched by the warm audience response Saturday. Two women in our group were shouting "Happy Birthday!" to him at the end, but he would have needed very good ears to have heard them. But maybe. Bluebirds in Detroit. Listed as Maxim Chaschegorov, Thursday. I liked him very much because he had a certain elastic quality in his in aerial moves. Listed as Demitry Semionov, Friday, and also appearing Sunday. He was very agile. He is a huge man and the lady in our group, Friday, remarked how amazingly quiet his landings were for such a large person. If he was indeed Demitry Semionov, I read that he received an ovation backstage from his fellow dancers earlier in the tour. Listed as Visily Scherbackov, Saturday afternoon. No strong memories, but I'm sure he did well. Anton Korsakov, Saturday evening. Fine. He definitely has a distinct style. A certain looseness maybe. My schedule for the four days was to get up, enjoy the beautiful autumn color and drive to the Detroit Opera House. A wonderful combination!
  2. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend all the performces of the Kirov-Mariinsky's Sleeping Beauty in Detroit last week and the final Vishneva-Lopatkina-Zelensky performance in LA. I would like to share some of my impressions of several of the female dancers. Diana Vishneva. Very graceful, flowing yet complex and dynamic dancing, totally controled. Very expressive dancing. Beautiful, controled held positions when lifted by Zelensky in wedding pas de deux. She has a "sensual stretch of her own." (someone else's quote.) Uliana Lopatkina. Lovely linear flow and verticality. Airy dominance and projection. She did a beautiful delayed last turn in her Act II supported pirouette. She was subtly but totally captivating throughout. I could have watched her hands alone and have been totally enchanted. I might describe her in these performances as a vertical anchor to Vishneva or Somova's expansive stage coverage. Ekaterina Osmolkina. Beautiful smiling presence! I loved her! Light airy dancing. Beautiful positions and poses! Restrained lovely dancing style. Alina Somova. Very fine dancing, expressive style. Large extensions. Youthful, joyful presence. Olesia Novikova. Very fine dancing again. Refined characterization leaving strong images in my mind several days later. Long balances on point. (Rose Adagio, etc.) Captivating presence with enchanting passages. I would be glad to relate some more at a future time. By the way, I do speak some French and follow two very good french forums that may be very rewarding when the Kirov-Mariinsky appears in Paris next month. I will try to relate some of this.
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