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  1. Thanks for the thanks, ECat. Another five minutes of Jardin Animé have surfaced. They’re not official so I don’t want to post them, but I’ll personal message them to you. One thing that’s new and very impressive is her dramatic phrasing. It’s quite mature and quite unexpected for me. I think that this young lady is going to produce many surprises in her emerging career and they should be quite something.
  2. Rock band AC DC lookalike joins the high school rock band. Perhaps the best laugh that I’ve had so far. He brings his wife and two kids to a town festival. Dance: Not much that I recall. We’ll have to wait for “Bunheads.” There’s one opening scene for a dance marathon where a bunch of the series’ main actors, whom you didn’t think were capable of it, do some pretty snazzy, Grease-lke stuff.
  3. “The Show Must Go On” -- Face Masks (For the support of London theatres (can be sent to USA) “The design brings together the world famous artwork of London's West End musicals”) https://theatresupportfund.co.uk/products/the-show-must-go-on-facemask
  4. A one minute video clip has been posted (unofficial, so I prefer not to post it here) of Maria Iliushkina’s debut as Medora in Le Corsaire. It”s a solo from the Jardin Animé ‘dream’ scene. She looks lovely and her dancing is both beautiful and proficient.
  5. A four minute glance, starting at 1:30, and an article in russian about an evening of ballets by Alexei Ratmansky last Thursday. https://topspb.tv/programs/stories/502166/ (Thanks to ATV at Ballet Friends/Балет и Опера) Performers and works. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2020/9/24/1_1900/ Tomorrow Maria Iliushkina debuts as Medora in Le Corsaire.
  6. Some of the same old same old from me, but it seems like a way to get there. Buzz words: Distancing, face masks, small dance groups, audience spacing, outdoors etc. and step-by-step. The Cincinnati Ballet https://www.fox19.com/video/2020/09/25/cincinnati-ballet-gears-up-first-performance-months/
  7. Here's a quick video glimpse. "The autumn rehearsals of the ballet Seven Sonatas took place in unusual conditions: the choreographer Alexei Ratmansky worked with artists from New York via video link. ⠀"Read more about how the St. Petersburg premiere was born in our video. The first show of "Seven Sonatas" today on the historical stage of the theater as part of the Ratmansky ballet evening." (Google translation) Sometimes the video works, sometimes not. Keep trying if you're interested, It's about 1 1/2 minutes long. https://www.facebook.com/mariinsky.theatre/videos/319048642528739 (Thanks again to Sophia at Dansomanie) ⠀
  8. A new video. "The program is dedicated to the return of the Bolshoi Theater artists to their usual life. You will see how the first rehearsals went, the first meetings with choreographers, teachers and colleagues. What are the artists waiting for and what are they preparing for in the new season? What difficulties do you face after such a long vacation, and what comes easy? Grandiose plans for the year ahead. And no less grandiose opening of the season with the opera Don Carlos by G. Verdi." (Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie)
  9. SandyMcKean Quote: "The company already has three real-life couples in the shape of Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball, Francesca Hayward and Cesar ::, and Fumi Kaneko and Reece Clarke. It has created seven more bubbles to allow close contact including the superstar pairing of Marianela Nuñez and Vadim Muntagirov. Other pairs include Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano; Yasmine Naghdi and Nicol Edmonds; and Akane Takada and Federico Bonelli." Seems like a good idea. Added: The Bolshoi may be having some problems. “We understand that coronavirus has not gone anywhere, the epidemic is continuing,” said the Bolshoi’s general director, Vladimir Urin. “Unfortunately, in the current situation, it can become part of our everyday lives that at short notice we can no longer put things on.” He said the theatre was working to ensure there were always understudies available to avoid cancellations happening too often. The Bolshoi is selling only 50% of the seats for all productions, and there are temperature checks on entry. Masks are meant to be mandatory, but at a performance of the ballet Romeo and Juliet last week, audio messages imploring people to wear masks were ignored by most in the audience. The bar during the intervals was packed with unmasked spectators enjoying champagne and cake. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/23/bolshois-return-stumbles-after-performers-test-positive-for-covid-19-russia (Thanks to Jan McNulty at BalletcoForum) Perhaps folks should keep an eye on the Kabuki Theatre in Japan which after about a month was still having live big groups on stage performances with large audiences. (Please see my September 7 post)
  10. I mentioned in the post above about the recent debut(?) of Daria Ionova as Gulnara in Le Corsaire. Oxana Skorik performed the lead, Medora. As usual from a few video clips she's very lovely. Her coach is Yelena Yevteyeva. After watching one of the clips a very pretty picture of Yelena Yevseyeva, a current First Soloist, came up.(Except for one letter they have the same name) I took a look at the video and it was Yelena Yevteyeva coaching her. Apparently Yelena Yevteyeva isn't Yelena Yevseyeva's regular coach. Are you still with me ? She's also a specific works coach. In any case Yelena Yevteyeva was a Mariinsky ballerina known for her lovely gracefulness. A perfect coach for Oxana Skorik. In the video for the first time I saw how lovely her motions still are. It was a treat to see and a further insight into why today's ballet dancers do as well as they do.
  11. You may have discovered a new genre. Actually I find Ginger and Fred (I want to be a gentleman) to be absolutely charming at all times, whereas Lorelai and her mother together are sometimes more....Uhm ? (but still loveable). But you do make a good point (no that's ballet).
  12. I actually started the title with "Dance" just to get attention. This is one of the most clever and entertaining and likeable (maybe even loveable) television series that I've ever watched. And yes there's even dance. Amy Sherman-Palladino's use of dance in Bunheads, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Gilmore Girls is worth taking a look at. Pherank suggested this here, which is where this topic began. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/45792-dance-and-the-marvelous-mrs-maisel/?tab=comments#comment-429563 Drop in if you feel like it and we can maybe go delightfully and hearttouchingly crazy together. It might be fun and we can talk about dance -- too. Sampler: This morning (I'm into the second season at Amazon Prime (is Amazon Prime a good choice?)) Rory, the young 16-year-old-heroine joins a high school sorority that she doesn't want to. She just as soon drops out (I believe), because they are probably finks. I being true to me and Amy Sherman-Palladinoism think that the sorority girls are delightful, but we may never see them again. Dance -- In the same episode Rory's mother does some disco with her mother at a fashion show. And there's more.
  13. I'll miss Svetlana Ivanova very much as well. She's no longer listed at the Mariinsky site so I guess that it's official. Daria Ionova debuted (according to video clip) as Gulnara in Le Corsaire yesterday. Gulnara is posted in her Mariinsky profile today, so if it was a debut they moved fast. She's quite lovely in the Act I adagio. Here's the Mariinsky schedule for September with casting. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/?type=ballet&year=2020&month=9
  14. Sorry, Dirac, I can't answer you now. I'm lost somewhere in Series Two. But, six episodes a day would only take three weeks (not nearly long enough) to finish. I'll talk to you then. 😊
  15. I've only watched twenty episodes in the last several days, Helene, so I don't have a favorite yet. This might be considered obsessive behavior or it might be that the series is remarkably good. I've also been to seventeen Mariinsky Ballet Festivals. They're remarkably good too. Now I've got about One-hundred-twenty episodes to go. Then back to the Festivals. Added: Okay, true confession. I don't have a favorite, but one that I like very much (not by accident I'm sure) is Paris, the studies only, sometimes unconvincing (hopefully it stays that way) rat and also loveable, sensible person. It seems that Amy Sherman Palladino characters don't work linearly, necessarily. I hope that she becomes a pal of some sort. (If she doesn't, please don't tell me) My favorite scenes are when she and Rory (lead sixteen-year-old) become friends again. I think that we're drifting from the Topic,"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," but this is Amy Sherman Palladino land. As for Dance, I really liked "Bunheads." Maybe we can get back to Pherank"s thoughts as well. It's an interesting area.
  16. "Gilmore Girls!," Dirac, "Gilmore Girls!". 😊 If you don't ever hear from me again, it's because I'm totally caught up in this series (like most folks were twenty years ago !?)
  17. This article briefly describes the four works that opened the new season. “Four Characters in Search of a Plot” (“Четыре персонажа в поисках сюжета”) https://fjordreview.com/bolshoi-ballet-four-characters/ (Thanks to Ian Macmillan at BalletcoForum)
  18. Having been glued to all the reruns since I discovered (thanks to Gia Kourlas) this 'television(?)'-internet comedy-drama series a few days ago, I go with the Guardian newspaper from England. "If it went on for ever without going anywhere [which it sometimes seems to (my addition)], that would be just fine." https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/dec/06/the-marvelous-mrs-maisel-season-three-review There are many moments when I don't think that I've laughed any harder in my entire life. I also attempt mental checklists of all the curves thrown (plenty) and uppers and downers in this brilliant series. Happily, for me, the uppers and love (and brilliance) come out heart grippingly on top.
  19. This is a very brief video news clip showing Svetlana Zakharova (starting at 0:50) in ‘Don Quixote,” one of the Bolshoi’s first performances since the reopening. Denis Rodkin was her partner. https://tvkultura.ru/article/show/article_id/368027/ (Thanks to Natalia at Ballet Friends) Not intended to be flippant, but have you noticed a lack of ballet reviews lately ? Okay, wait no longer. 😊 Someone posted a video clip (unofficial) of half the performance of “The Ninth Wave,” one of the short, new works presented at the beginning of the reopening. It features Margarita Shrainer and David Motta Soares. It’s an abstract work. For the most part I thought that it was rather nicely done.
  20. Here are some photos of opening night. Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/about/press/photo/characters/
  21. The Bolshoi will begin its new season tomorrow with an evening of four new works, "Four Characters in Search of A Plot". During the closing I've read posts stating that dancers were working on small scale performances with some 'Western' choreographers. This would be the result. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/99768/ Here's the casting. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/99768/roles/#20200910190000 One of these works, "Just", is by former Paris Opera Ballet Premier Danseur, Simon Valastro. Olga Smirnova will be the lead in two of its three performances. In an interview he gives us several insights into the production constraints imposed by current conditions. Simon Valastro: I received a call from Makhar Vaziev [Bolshoi ballet director, editor's note] and he suggested a specific format - a 15-minute ballet for several dancers. We were only limited by the duration of the ballet and the number of people. Otherwise, we were given carte blanche. The artists are entirely my choice. I already have two groups and will have a third. Five dancers for each. Our limits are organisational, like the distance between people. [Also, a general description] I had long had the idea of directing a show to the music of David Lang, Just. The latter was inspired by the Song of Songs, and I in turn was inspired and fascinated by this music. And I thought it was the best time for the idea to materialize. (Once again, thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie for all this information) The article in french. https://fr.rbth.com/art/85329-simon-valastro-bolchoi-theatre-just-ballet Google translate https://translate.google.com Added comment: Having just looked at the casting more carefully, the first work, The Nineth Wave, is certainly not a small scale production. It has forty dancers. I do wish the Bolshoi as much success as possible.
  22. She'll be debuting as Medora (Le Corsaire) September 29. She'll also be The Queen of the Dryads (Don Quixote) twice this month. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/company/ballet_mt_women/iliushkina2/
  23. My feeling is give it a chance. If big steps don't work, try smaller ones, but don't shut the whole thing down unless absolutely necessary. Here's Mariinsky Principal Dancer Xander Parish's opinion and insight from August 19. Of course the opinions are just his own. The entire New York Times article is probably worth reading or rereading. When the company decided to hold galas, it split 16 soloists into pairs so they could dance together. Those performances, at the start of August, went well, Mr. Parish said, and were met with applause. That seemed to give the company the desire to “put on the accelerator,” he said. The corps de ballet soon joined rehearsals, and the class size jumped to 30 dancers. “Now this has happened,” Mr. Parish said, “and it took, what, two-and-a-half weeks to kick off?” "The Mariinsky had received “a lot of flak on social media” for returning too soon, he said. But he did not think that was fair. The ballet had taken every measure it could, he said. “And those same people are saying we should wait two years to get back onstage,” he added. “That’s ridiculous. A dancer’s career is 20 years.” "Mr. Parish dismissed criticism of Valery Gergiev, the head of the Mariinsky and a vocal supporter of Mr. Putin. “I respect his desire to get back onstage despite the situation,” he said. “It really shows how much he cares about this art form.”" https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/19/arts/dance/mariinsky-ballet-coronavirus-outbreak.html
  24. If I could just offer a few more general thoughts. As things progress it may well be a sort of stop and go process. As Naomikage mentioned with the Kabuki when a problem arises performances may be cancelled but everything isn't permanently shut down. The gala format, several performers on stage at a time, seems like a good foundation. As theaters such as the Mariinsky and Bolshoi build on this with small scaled productions like La Sylphide (Mariinsky tomorrow) and then full scale ones like Le Corsaire at the Mariinsky September 11 Romeo and Juliet at the Bolshoi September 15 it may be a 'see what happens' approach. If larger productions seem problematic, then take a step back to smaller ones without completely shutting down. The same with audiences. See what procedures seems to work best. Of course if a medical breakthrough such as practical daily testing or largely available tested vaccine (very possible) happens then all could change considerably for the good.
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