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  1. Yes, excellent for him, but for the company ? I don't see the point of this nomination. Anyway, congratulations to him.
  2. Next season is announced on POB Website. Very disappointing and worrying !
  3. I attended five performances : Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 (evening), and I really had a good time ; the last two were particularly good ! - Tuesday 6 : The first night was probably the less successful, especially La Bayadère, but even so I enjoyed both Dark Elegies and Fancy Free, two ballets I had never seen before. In Dark Elegies, I liked Michele Wiles, Julie Kent and Carlos Lopez, they were very moving and so true in their part. In Fancy Free, Herman Cornejo, Ethan Stiefel and Jose Manuel Carreno were great (and funny). - Wednesday 7 : It was a very inte
  4. Unfortunately I've only seen Monique Loudières once on stage (it was for the Nureyev gala and she made a big impression on me) and therefore I can't really compare. It's true that Dorothée looks like Monique Loudières (she has the same physical features), but that's all I can say. But all the people who have seen Monique Loudières are saying that Dorothée makes them think of her. I think Françoise could tell you more about it.
  5. Yesterday was the performance of Don Quixote everybody was expecting, since it was the debuts in the title roles of Dorothée Gilbert and Emmanuel Thibault. First, congratulations to Dorothée Gilbert, who really led the performance! Her Kitri was amazing: great technique, great acting, nothing was missing. Since her entrance she is Kitri, with all the vivacity, piquancy, musical quality and humour required and she offered us great moments, such as her act I variation and above all her Dulcinée variation in act II, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, with lyricism, poetry and something m
  6. After the performance of Don Quixote tonight, Mathieu Ganio has been promoted to Etoile! Congratulations!
  7. I saw Mathieu in Basilio yesterday and he was really great! I expected him to be very good, but his Basilio was just wonderful. Of course, not everything was perfect (especially the portés), but his acting really impressed me and all his variations were good (I particularly liked his entrance). He has the perfect style, a lot of humour and is very charismatic. As everybody says, a future Etoile is born! Like Naoko, I didn't find the couple was working, except in the mill pdd. Although Agnès Letestu was very good in Kitri, with great acting (she was really funny, whereas she wasn't two years
  8. Unfortunately I couldn't see Mathieu last Friday, but will see him tonight. All the people I spoke to told me he was wonderful. And, Naoko, Mathieu will dance another lead part next July; he will dance James.
  9. I am sorry Alexandra; I haven't seen your post while I'm writing. I hope mine won't mind. (According to me, and I know it will sound unbelievable for some people, Thibault is a good "sujet" but he is far from being a "premier danseur" (a "premier danseur" has to be able to dance anything). Of course he's good when he's dancing alone and in brilliant variations , but I don't find him a good partner and he is not a good actor too (do you really see him in dramatic parts?). I am not sure Basil is the perfect part for him, but well, let's see! And, according to me, the two main events during the
  10. I'd have really liked to see that night! I've never seen Dupont and Legris in Sonatine (I hope they will dance it in Paris next September), but I find them particularly well-matched in Balanchine's pieces and there is a real chemistry between them. But I have to admit that the first time I saw them together I also found she was a little bit too tall for him (and still think it sometimes), but I think it's more obvious in great classical parts than in Balanchine's ones. About Aurélie, she is according to me the best female principal at the moment in the POB and as Françoise said, her Giselle
  11. The casting is available on the Paris Opera website: Don Quixote's casting
  12. I only saw Alina Cojocaru twice: the first time during a gala where she danced Giselle act II pdd and two months ago when she danced Giselle with the POB here in Paris. The first time I saw her I found her really amazing (especially her lightness), but it was only a short pdd. In the videos I saw, I also found her really great, but the parts really fitted her (Clara and Cinderella). From what I've heard and read about her Giselle, I really was eager to discovering her in the title role. But I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. She is of course a lovely Giselle and she is danci
  13. The next Benois Prize will be held in Moscow on the 27th of April. I've heard Tamara Rojo was nominated for her Juliet; does somebody know who are the other nominees?
  14. Battement Cloche, indeed, as GWTW said, the French way of teaching is "old-fashioned". The professor makes a frontal lecture and students usually don't participate during his class (anyway we often are too many). But, beside the professor's class (1 hour, sometimes two), you are attending a TD class ("Travaux dirigés"), which last two hours and complements the professor's lecture. You are in a small group, with a less-qualified teacher, and you are expected to participate: we are studying documents and it is the students who are explaining them or who are making an oral presentation about a sp
  15. Sophia, have you seen the documentary "Dancer's Dream"? It's very interesting and you can see Manuel Legris as Romeo and Elizabeth Maurin as Juliet (the best Juliet I saw on stage! She will give her POB last performance in this part next season). But Legris/Loudières still remain my favorite couple! There is also a full-lenght version of Grigorovitch's Romeo and Juliet, with Bessmertnova as Juliet (I don't remember who was playing Romeo), which was broadcast on French channel Mezzo a few months ago.
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