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  1. I wasn't there, but that is wonderful about your son, Memo!
  2. Please keep me on this board. Thank you. Mandy
  3. Yes, Christine is still a student. Due to the number of dancers needed to perform the Nutcracker there are several Rock School students as well as dancers from other Philadelphia schools performing in it.
  4. Thanks! Sounds like an amazing cast. Strangely I'd checked lincoln center's website and couldn't find it. I must have been too impatient
  5. The K-Ballet is scheduled to dance as part of the lincoln center festival on July 6 and 7. I have a tape of them dancing Carmen in which they are trully wonderful and I am hoping to be able to see them live. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of the casting for these up coming performances. I looked on their website but since most of it is in Japanese I did not have any luck. Thanks!
  6. I also saw the same run of Don Quixote about two years ago as well as Coppelia around the same time. She was wonderful. Although, I had rather odd seats for Don Quixote and ended up almost looking down on her, I left absolutely amazed at her performance. She had so much personality on stage. She didn't go out of character for a second. I can't imagine what she looked like at 13!
  7. She's listed as a "resident guest star" at the Teatro di San Carlo
  8. In response to balletnut's question as to where Viviana Durante is now dancing, she is listed as a "resident guest star" at the Teatro di San Carlo. I'm not quite sure what the title means though......
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