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  1. Thanks Everyone! If you feel the need to add anything that hasn't been written yet please feel free to write more.
  2. Can anyone tell me something about this ballet. How many dancers? How many soloists, and Principals? what are the costumes like? Etc.
  3. I have to be honest. I really did not enjoy the music. Being a dancer, I tried to find some sort of beat to the music and wondered how the dancers knew when to start dancing. The music seemed to go on and on. Some of the music was easier to hear. Typically, story ballets are done in classical ballet. I don't know how I feel about the the contemporary movement. It's just my opinion, but I feel like stories seem to be portrayed better through classical ballet. The dancers were gorgeous! I particularly liked Parrish Maynard. Great job SFB!
  4. I think that it really depends on the ballet and the style. NYCB dancers in general all have that same base of "SAB training". I enjoy watching the men at City ballet, but mostly in Balanchine ballets. Same goes for ABT Males. I enjoy watching them in more classical ballets, and have cringed when I have seen them do some Balanchine. It's all your own opinion though.
  5. Will that be airing again anytime soon? I missed it.
  6. I met Merrill Ashley when I was about 15 0r 16. I didn't say a word. I just stared at her. I also had lunch with Isabelle Guerin and a mentor of mine at the time. I didn't even realize who she was until I saw her on video months later. I didn't say much at lunch but I wonder if I would have said anything anyway. I probably would have froze like I did with Merrill.
  7. It's really fun to hear little things (like Viviana's hair) about people you idolize. I have only seen her on video. I always wonder what stars look like in plain clothes. I guess she is just a regular person like you and me. It's still fun though. Thanks for the reply Grace!
  8. I hear that she is guesting ... I wasn't sure where though. Does anyone know if she guests in America?
  9. Thank you so much! I'll take a look at the website!
  10. Viviana Durante has been my favorite dancer for a very long time now. I have heard about her hardships and seen her grow on video for years. My question is-where is she now? I'd love to see how she is dancing. I would even take a trip to go see her dance. I hear that she is guesting. Does anyone know where and when?
  11. ballerina idol

    CPYB alumni

    Just a note... I recieved my training from Marcia and the rest of the wonderful faculty and I can honestly say I would not be a professional dancer if I did not attend CPYB. Keep in mind that I only trained there for 5 years- That being my only training. Maybe there is something in the water...I believe it's the school though.
  12. Does anybody know of som online ballet clips? I know that Het national has a few clips of their principal dancers. Also, on Darcey Bussell's website I have seen clips of her in a Chris Wheeldon ballet. I haven't had much more luck than that. Please reply if you know of any dance online!
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