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  1. There has been an update on the fundraising site for anyone considering donating.
  2. I am very saddened to say that Joe Bunn lost his battle with leukemia last week leaving a wife and young son. He wished to have his body returned to the U.S. for burial beside his grandmother. Bridget Breiner and others have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the funds to help fulfil his wishes. I hope I am not breaking rules by posting a link to a site for him. https://www.youcaring.com/spela-and-aiden-bunn-626851 Joe touched so many lives and will be missed by so many both professionally and personally.
  3. I have seen two modern productions in a fairly conservative region of Canada this year and both have had above the waist female nudity. One was Margie Gillis who has been dancing professionally for 35 years (I am still not sure what I think about that performance). The other was Wen Wei and I thought it was very effective and well done.
  4. My husband missed out on Christmas last year because of miltary obligations so we decided to make up for it by doing a tour of German Christmas markets. We are visiting a number of cities with distinctive markets and are catching Nutcrackers in Berlin, Dresden and Stuttgart. If we are not in the Christmas spirit after that we never will be. The best part is that we will visit our dancer there and will fly home with her when she is on her Christmas break. I almost forgot the tip! Rail tickets are much cheaper to buy ahead of time from outside of Germany - you can buy them for how many da
  5. Staatsoper Berlin has a very good website with an English component that makes it quite easy to order over the internet. You can also order via email or phone if you are nervous about security. The website is "www.staatsoper-berlin.de" and click on English in the top right hand corner. We have used it to order tickets for a performance in December, and so far so good.
  6. Competitions are pretty much the best way for a Canadian dancer to dance not just in Europe but certainly in the States. Many Canadian dancers head off to Europe to try to find employment rather than go to the States. In fact dancers are told to forget about even trying for jobs in the U.S. unless they are able to do one of the European competitions or one of the American ones such as YAGP or Jackson. I don't want to get completely off topic but the importance of ballet competitions to secure a place in either a top level professional training program for finishing or an entry level positi
  7. I would certainly say that training in a school that is affiliated with a company that a dancer wants to dance with in the future makes sense. Students may have the opportunity to either perform with the company or at the very least understudy for the company which allows the students to be seen by artistic staff and at times do company class. Depending on the company, artistic directors may also observe school ballet exams and attend student performances. If a dancers travels far to audition (for example from North America to Europe) it is often difficult to do class on a regular basis and
  8. It's Stuttgart Ballet or Stuttgarter Ballett.
  9. Unfortunately the casting was changed within the last day or so and both Vladamir Malakhov and Lucia Lacarra are no longer dancing. Instead Julia will be danced by Stuttgart principal Sue Jin Kan and Romeo will be danced by three principals- Jason Reilly, Filip Barankiewicz and Friedemann Vogel. I do know someone who was lucky to get a ticket and is still excited to go even with the changes.
  10. This Saturday Stuttgart Ballet is putting on a special gala in honour of Marcia Hydee's birthday. There is a long list of guest artists including Vladamir Malakhov (Romeo), Lucia Lacarra (Julia), Egon Madsen (Graf Capulet), Marcia Hyde (Grafin Capulet), Tamas Detrich (Tybalt), Paul Chalmer (Graf Paris), Rolando D'Alesio (Graf Montague), Marion Jager (Grafin Montague), Alexander Zaitsev, Kyzysztof, Eric Gauthier, Marcis Lesin, John Neumier as well as the principal dancers of the Stuttgart Company. It should be quite the memorable evening!
  11. Here is a quote by Reid Anderson, director of the Stuttgart Ballet Company on the importance of ballet schools to companies. The link is http://www.acts.hdm-stuttgart.de/reviews.html "I fear that both ballet schools and ballet companies tend to be the first target for cuts. So you’re always aware that the future of dance could be a bit gloomy. Stuttgart is a positive exception. People here have made ballet part of their lives. But elsewhere, few people realize what happens when you start cutting. One key example is cutting subsidies to ballet schools. When you do this, you remove a vital sup
  12. I would like to put in a recommendation for Deepa Mehta's Water in the Best Foreign film category. She is a Canadian filmaker and Water is one of a trilogy, the others being Earth and Fire. They are all very thought provoking and memorable.
  13. Scholarship winners have now been announced on the prix website mentioned previously. Congratulaions to all!
  14. I was not in Paris but was fortunate to see I Fratelli - Die Bruder and Die Kameliendame both in Stuttgart at the end of December. I expected to prefer the latter but I absolutely loved I Fratelli and would love to be able to see it again. I usually prefer the more classical ballets but I thought the staging was simple but very effective. I really liked the costumes even though they were very monochromatic and quite simple and I loved the music. Everything I would not normally not expect to enjoy including the story line I found I enjoyed immensely. As for the dancing - on a totally differ
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