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  1. There has been an update on the fundraising site for anyone considering donating.
  2. I am very saddened to say that Joe Bunn lost his battle with leukemia last week leaving a wife and young son. He wished to have his body returned to the U.S. for burial beside his grandmother. Bridget Breiner and others have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the funds to help fulfil his wishes. I hope I am not breaking rules by posting a link to a site for him. https://www.youcaring.com/spela-and-aiden-bunn-626851 Joe touched so many lives and will be missed by so many both professionally and personally.
  3. Below is a link of a bit outdated and incomplete list of the male dancers he taught over the years. It is very impressive. http://www.yagp.org/pestov_site/Pestov%20Alumni.pdf
  4. Sorry I can only post a link to a German site. He will be missed greatly at John Cranko Schule. http://www.tanznetz.de/news.phtml?page=showthread&aid=187&tid=20866
  5. Last week Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg guested for one performance of Cranko's Onegin in support of Kathryn Bennetts and the company. From all I have read it was a very special evening and one I would have loved to have been there for.
  6. It is beautiful!! Sam Asaert, the film maker started off his association with the Royal Ballet of Flanders making a short film called Atrophy Bank which got a lot of recognition.
  7. I am married to a great ballet dad who always was 100% supportive both financially and emotionally of both our professional ballet dancer daughter who trained away from home starting in grade eight and who will be starting her third year with a European company and our soon to be army doctor daughter. Happy Father's Day!!
  8. Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg will be dancing Cranko's Onegin for one performance of the premier performances of Onegin by the Royal Ballet of Flanders. The date is June 23rd 2011.
  9. I am having difficulty editing my link so if anyone can help me out. I have tried to post the correct one twice and it reverts the the one that doesn't work. The correct link is on the sister site Ballet Talk for Dancers.
  10. There is an article on the ongoing situation in the New York Times by Roslyn Sulcas. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/15/arts/15i....html?src=twrhp The company is currently over half way through a very busy season dance wise and the lack of any sort of resolution has to wear on the dancers and the artistic staff.
  11. Just bumping this up - the hearing is this week with the Flemish government and as many signatures as possible are needed. The situation was mentioned under politics in the latest Dance Europe issue. Meanwhile the company is starting a run this week of Swan Lake choreographed by Marcia Haydee who wrote a letter of support which I have copied below. My dear miss Joke, normally I don't need to introduce myself, any person who would know anything about arts would also know what I have done and do in the ballet world. But reading all about what is happening to Kathryn Bennetts and the Ballet van Vlaanderen I realize that we are dealing with people with no knowledge about arts whatsoever. My name is prof. Dr. Hc. Marcia haydee, and I was during many years (thirty six years) principal dancer and artisitc director with the stuttgart ballet. I can not believe that such a country as belgium, does not appreciate and give value to the wonderful ballet company they have. It has become one of the best companies in the world and all choreographers with myself included have had a complete joy working with this wonderful dancers. And all this is happenig because of one person: Kathryn Bennetts. A company is as good as its head, and there is no better head than Kathryn Bennetts. It would be a disaster if belgium would not be aware of all this and not protect, support and be proud to have such a wonderful ballet company and a very special womanthat has achieved all this. And do not forget that the Ballet van Vlaanderen during these years has been the very best ambassador from belgium around the world. I hope belgium will offer Kathryn benntts all what she needs to continue the wonderful work with this great company. At the moment I am the artistic director of the santiago ballet in chile and all my dancers support Kathryn benntts artistic direction and the Ballet van Vlaanderen. There are many wonderful letters on the Flanders company website and lots of signatures many of them well known in the ballet world supporting the company and ballet in general in this time of uncertainty.
  12. This is the latest news for the Royal Ballet of Flanders from one of the support sites: The Royal Ballet of Flanders was granted a hearing at the Flemish Parliament on dec. 16th. We need the petition to be signed by as many people as possible by that time, so please, tell all you friends about the petition!! http://www.royalballetofflanderssupportgroup.net/ www.royalballetofflanderssupportgroup.net The link explains about the petition. The company just did a run of Artifact that was very well received and attended by many first time ballet goers including Flemish politicians. Please pass along the information to as many as you can who might consider signing the support petition in advance of the hearing. Thanks very much mmded
  13. Besides getting ready for a run of Artifact this weekend the company has been working hard outside the studio to keep the issue in the public eye. Some of the dancers did a flashmob last weekend and some dancers were filmed in short clips that are up on youtube and one of the support facebookk sites - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_140060016042424&ap=1 Here is the flashmob link: and a sample of the dancers' videos
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