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  1. manhattangal

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Being at NYCB this past week has been a balm for the soul. I'll merely echo the thoughts expressed above but I cannot help praising Unity Phelan for a stellar debut in the Sicilienne solo in Emeralds. Simply heavenly.
  2. manhattangal

    Alastair Macaulay to Retire from NYT

    I realize that Macaulay was not universally admired on this forum but, nonetheless, I will miss his reviews, which always conveyed his passion for the art of ballet, particularly his love of the Ashton heritage.
  3. manhattangal

    Arthur Mitchell has died

    RIP, Arthur Mitchell. One of the greats.
  4. I did not see this posted elsewhere, about a Petipa Bicentennial exhibit in the Boston area: https://library.harvard.edu/events/step-back-seeing-ballets-future-past
  5. I'm with you, Olga. An utterly ridiculous petition. NYCB should hire the most qualified - male/female, black/white/caramel, alumnus/non-alumnus. Period.
  6. manhattangal

    Celestial Bodies by Laura Jacobs

    Add me to the admirers of Jacobs' CELESTIAL BODIES. True, it is not a tome for those seeking a primer on the history of ballet. However, I admire her well-thought-out and deliciously-crafted essays - almost poems! - on the fine art of ballet. This is mostly for already-knowledgeable, long-time fans. I would recommend every chapter.
  7. manhattangal

    Yulia Stepanova

    Stepanova can certainly crank them out! However, she does not have the greatest turn-out, does she?
  8. Balanchinefreak's comment, above, could have come from me: woke up this morning and was thinking of this. That has to stop, I have to get my life back... My husband is threatening to take away my computer for ten days, to keep me off this thread. I'm looking forward to the time when my interest in NYCB is just about what's on stage. In the meantime, thanks to everybody, especially the Legal Eagles, for your postings.
  9. manhattangal


    Thank you, Drew. I'd love to read the introductory postings of other recent joiners, especially those who, like me, have a deep interest in the NYCB.
  10. manhattangal

    Job posting for artistic director

    "DC" was specified in some of the early reports on all of this, last week. However, the year was not specified. Finlay danced in the spring 2018 Kennedy Center appearances, incl Divert 15. I don't remember him on the spring 2017 tour; then again, he may have appeared in 2017 shows that I did not attend. Dance troupes in the recent past have stayed at ARC the Hotel (ex-Guest Quarters) in Foggy Bottom or State Plaza near the Dept. of State, but that doesn't mean that the party in question occurred in either of these places. Since its recent renovation, the Watergate Hotel may be another option but it may be too pricey for touring groups.
  11. manhattangal

    Job posting for artistic director

    Q Related to both the AD search and the Alexandra Waterford claims: If in fact Ms Waterford's claim of NYCB knowing about the "trashing" of the Washington, DC, hotel room, the inclusion of "underaged girls" in the donor & Finlay's event/party, and later imposing the $150,000 fine (?) on those involved, how could any of the four current members of the Interim Team still be considered in the running for the permanent A.D. position? All four were the leaders of NYCB at the time of this and other happenings alleged by Waterbury. Wouldn't they all be disqualified? [Up to now, I've admired them as individuals, so I hope that none is disqualified. Just being devil's advocate.]
  12. You are correct. Doing the time and punishment will not change that. First Marcelo (ABT) and now Amar. Two of my all-time favorite male dancers gone, for whatever sordid reasons. It has NOT been a good year for my ballet companies.
  13. manhattangal

    Jerome Robbins Centennial

    The upcoming restaging of Robbins' Watermill at BAM should be quite the event, starring Joaquin de Luz, no less. I wish that I could attend but have a work conflict. I'd appreciate reading any reports from Ballet Alert. https://www.bam.org/dance/2018/watermill
  14. Allow me to add to the chorus of long-time admirers of New York City Ballet who are both shocked and saddened by the latest events. I particularly lament that Amar Ramasar is embroiled in this, as I was looking forward to his return to NYCB in January 2019. Hopefully it will still happen if he serves his punishment (time off) in a relatively honorable manner. Sigh.
  15. manhattangal


    Hello, I'm a long time lurker, originally from NY, NY. As an admirer of New York City Ballet, I've been following the recent happenings, which are upsetting. Here's hoping for positive news in the future. Judi Weiss (manhattangal)