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  1. A lot of action, a lot of drama. Kept everyone fully engaged.
  2. Maybe that's why Osipova succeeds disturbingly in this role. The sexual energy of an infatuated seventeen year old girl can be powerfully dangerous, rather than sexy and erotic.
  3. Someone who knows more about this than I, said that this Ratmansky production has transformed Vishneva. Where her Aurora was previously unfocused, bland and too gymnastic, in this new ABT production where her legs seldom sweep above the level of her hips, she is more youthful, more nuanced, poetic and engaging.
  4. Even when she WAS 16, Vishneva was very mannered and calculating. She does always seem to be taking what she does very seriously. I hope she gets to have some fun sometimes...
  5. Unless they cast a 16 year-old as Aurora, nobody will be credible anyway. So there's really no difference between 39 year-old Vishneva, 31 year-old Lane and 29 year-old Boylston; they are all too old. Personally, I'll go see Vishneva while we still have her.
  6. Yes, Odinthor. The ex-ballerina I was with said that Florine had a couple of mistakes, including one egregious one when she exited the stage. Vishneva also messed up a few steps, probably to be expected, given the degree of difficulty of much of what she was doing. I really hope her performance in this role is captured on film, because I want to see it again and again.
  7. But Zhiganshina always seems to be enjoying herself - she can't stop smiling, even when trying to play a dramatic role. Her facial expression when she messed up her landing at the end of the PDD is priceless.
  8. Is this correct - a yet-to-graduate Vaganova student will dance the pas de trois with the Mariinsky? She seems like a very nice girl who actually responds in person to comments on the (many) videos her dad posts. I hope she goes on to have a glittering career.
  9. That's unfortunate. I thought it was only a matter of time before they were blocked. All I can find now is this rehearsal clip:
  10. If you watch this video, you will see at least three errors in Act 2, one of which nearly resulted in Kondaurova falling. Perhaps this explains her slightly cold demeanor towards Askerov? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Zp1K3WDjM&list=WL52F53A1A85254056
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