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  1. As to Julie Kent, fliers in Japan with her photo says that ABT will come to Japan with Manon and Ratmansky's Nutcracker in February 2014. And when she came to Tokyo (for Simkin's gala) last November, I witnessed she herself answered to her fans that she will come and perform Manon in that coming Japan tour. So I think she has the will to perform with ABT at least until February 2014.
  2. Hi I'm in Japan. We Japanese really appreciate that ABT with full company has come to Japan in this tough situation. Thanks so much! I've enjoyed every show I saw so far. As they mentioned,art gives us a lot of energy to heal from the tragedy. Here's links of the press conference movie. You don't need to translate...at least each dancer's own words. (divided into 2 parts) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16122204 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16122459 Another news is Marcelo Gomes replaced and is replacing Angel Corella in full DonQ on matinee 24th and in closing night gala's Tchaikovsky PDD though Angel appeared and danced in Opening night gala and following special DonQ Act 2.
  3. Ms A.T, the person who email me about the ticket, Thank you for emailing me and I did reply you twice,about 36 hours ago and again just now. But I haven't got your 2ndcontact yet after that. Did you receive my e-mail? I'm worried that the e-mail may have gotten lost in transit. Please contact me at your earliest convenience whether you're still interested in the ticket or not. Thanks.
  4. I have 2 extra tickets for ABT's Coppelia. One for 7:30 pm Jun 17 N. Osipova & D. Simkin 3rd row orchestra (but orchestra balance) and another for 2:00 pm Jun 18 M. Riccetto & J. Matthews 1st row orchestra (one ticket for each performance) Please Email me if you are interested. Thanks.
  5. I saw a post on yesterday(Thu 1 July)'s performance in 'ABT Met 2010 final 2 weeks of casting'.
  6. So,I third that. And I'd also love to see him as Romeo.
  7. Colleen Boresta, Thank you for the reply to my question. Ummm...That's a shame. I hope him to focus on making a complete recovery,never be rushed.
  8. Does anyone know if Simkin appeared or not in Saturday' s matinee? He said ankle joint irritated last Monday,so I'm worrying about that.
  9. The role is Simkin's but the company has other dancers ready to dance the role. Second cast's Arron Scott's version is different. I only saw the second cast on Friday so can not give details other than what I am told is called an "aerial cartwheel" was replaced by a switch leap.t Was the second cast's version in that time only? Because I'm planning to go to Beijing from Japan & there will be 2times of this program,it's my very concern. Anyone who know,please tell me about that. I want to thank everyone for their detailed reviews& sorry for my English.
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