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Ashton Celebration

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Royal Ballet's Ashton Celebration DVD & Blu-ray will be released September 2nd on Amazon uk

MEDITATION' FROM THAÏS - Leanne Benjamin, Valeri Hristov
VOICES OF SPRING - Yuhui Choe, Alexander Campbell
MONOTONES I AND II - Emma Maguire, Akane Takada, Dawid Trzensimiech,
Marianela Nuñez, Federico Bonelli, Edward Watson
MARGUERITE AND ARMAND - Tamara Rojo, Christopher Saunders,Sergei Polunin, Gary Avis

Artists of The Royal Ballet
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Conductor: Emmanuel Plasson

Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, February 2013




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It's not yet available on amazon in the US or Canada, but, hopefully, it will be soon. Especially with the retirement of Benjamin and Rojo at English National Ballet, it's a great (and probably one of the last) chance to see them on film, instead of YouTube.

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