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Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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A very sweet card and quite a nice antidote to the ballet imagery being foisted on us by Black Swan. Thank you, Cristian.

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a Valentine's Day appropriate photo is attached.

it is undated but may date from the time of the first performances of Balanchine's 1937 CARD PARTY (to Stravinsky's 1936 Jeu de Cartes)

the original dancers of the roles shown here were Annabelle Lyon (Queen of Hearts) and William Dollar (Joker).

i cannot say for certain that the dancers in this photo are the originators of these roles, but one emailer noted the Queen of Hearts might well be Lyon; the costumes are by Irene Sharaff.

and so to mark February 14, 2011:

post-848-077548600 1297712824_thumb.jpg

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