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Promotions, joiners and leavers.

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Come across the list of joiners, leavers and promotions on the Royal Ballet Website!!!


Martin Harvey and Thiago Soares are promoted to First Soloists.

Giacomo Ciriaci is promoted to Soloist.

Vanessa Fenton, Cindy Jourdain, Gemma Sykes, Rupert Pennefather, Michael Stojko and Andrej Uspenski are promoted to First Artists.


Roberta Marquez joins as Principal. She is currently a Principal with the Municipal Theatre Ballet in Rio de Janeiro.

Sarah Lamb (Boston Ballet) joins as First Soloist.

Gary Avis (English National Ballet) joins as Soloist.

Romany Padjak, Steven MacRae, Erico Montes (graduates from The Royal Ballet School) and Celisa Diuana (Prix de Lausanne Apprentice) join as Artists.

Anna Trevien joins as Dance Notator.


Tim Matiakis is leaving to join the Royal Danish Ballet.

Adam Linder is leaving to join the Nederlands Dance Theatre.

Jane Woolley has left at her own request.

Found at :


(if you want to see for yourself!)

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Thanks for that-I must have missed it! Not much in the way of promotions, though I am really pleased about Martin and Thiago.

I thought there might be Edward Watson promoted to Principal but maybe it is too soon.

Looking forward to next season already though! xx

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No probs,

Im desperate for Royal to come back!! I cant wait for the new season lot of exciting stuff to see.....

Though i'm still angry with the opera house for getting rid of the Overture membership (for under 26s), gutted!! Can't afford the standard £70 fee!

Oh well, Bygones!

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Oh No! :speechless:

I hadn't realised they have got rid of it! I'm an Overture member too, and apart from not being able to afford £70 for the membership (that's like 11 tickets in the slips!) I'm not sure it's worth that kind of money.

I mean, yes it is great to get advanced booking but I manage to augment by bookings with tickets I buy nearer the time, and don't really have any trouble getting fairly decent ones (not stalls or anything, but always lower slips or amphi.) And presumably you don't get any money off vouchers either! Oh well, I'd better make the most of my membership before it runs out. xx

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Unless I'm missing one, it seems that former Boston Ballet dancer Sarah Lamb will make her debut with the company on the 13th of November in the pas de deux of Thais with David Makhateli. Does this sound correct, anyone? Would love to hear about it from anyone who goes!

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Hi Mme. Hermine - I believe Sarah Lamb's debut with the Company was on opening night in Requiem, but I also think that the 13 November programme will be the first time we get to see her in a solo role. Unfortunately, I won't be there!


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