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  1. I'll be there.....and i'm bringing a friend - it'll be her first time in Copenhagen. Work commitments mean that we'll be there from Wednesday 8th but we'll be going to all the performances from wed to sat
  2. I totally agree with you - technically he is amazing but i find him difficult to watch where acting and depth of character is required because he usually just ends up grinning! I was some what dramatic when he went over on his foot - the audience gasped - which i don't think helped things! But i have to be honest i did find it some what unprofessional of him to just stand there and halt the whole thing centre stage - as if he was in class. When other dancers have injured themselves in the past during a performance they have kept going with a simplified version and got off stage as soon as possible!
  3. Did anyone else see the mixed bill on friday night, when carlos halted Rhapsody only 3 mins in after going over on his ankle?
  4. Just a little question: How many people are coming from abroad to see the Bournonville festival in June? (If this has been a topic previously then feel free to ignore me)
  5. As part of the Bournonville 200 festival the RDB have recorded the Bounonville schools (though they wern't put together by Bournonville himself) and should be released in time for the festival in june 05
  6. No probs, Im desperate for Royal to come back!! I cant wait for the new season lot of exciting stuff to see..... Though i'm still angry with the opera house for getting rid of the Overture membership (for under 26s), gutted!! Can't afford the standard £70 fee! Oh well, Bygones!
  7. Come across the list of joiners, leavers and promotions on the Royal Ballet Website!!! PROMOTIONS Martin Harvey and Thiago Soares are promoted to First Soloists. Giacomo Ciriaci is promoted to Soloist. Vanessa Fenton, Cindy Jourdain, Gemma Sykes, Rupert Pennefather, Michael Stojko and Andrej Uspenski are promoted to First Artists. JOINERS Roberta Marquez joins as Principal. She is currently a Principal with the Municipal Theatre Ballet in Rio de Janeiro. Sarah Lamb (Boston Ballet) joins as First Soloist. Gary Avis (English National Ballet) joins as Soloist. Romany Padjak, Steven MacRae, Erico Montes (graduates from The Royal Ballet School) and Celisa Diuana (Prix de Lausanne Apprentice) join as Artists. Anna Trevien joins as Dance Notator. LEAVERS Tim Matiakis is leaving to join the Royal Danish Ballet. Adam Linder is leaving to join the Nederlands Dance Theatre. Jane Woolley has left at her own request. Found at : http://info.royaloperahouse.org/ballet/ind...ccs=544&cs=1281 (if you want to see for yourself!)
  8. I'm sure these are already in the 'links' section but here are two other opinions of Wednesday's Onegin! Onegin (Dancers: Bonelli, Cojocaru, Duprot, Kobborg) by Debra Craine (The Times) : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,685-1125258,00.html Onegin (Dancers: Bonelli, Cojocaru, Duprot, Kobborg) by Judith Mackrell (The Guardian): http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/reviews/sto...1226359,00.html
  9. Did anyone go to the first night? Rojo_fan, i know you did- tell all!! I'm going on monday 31st!!
  10. If your interested, i have a johan Yahoo! group- nothing that interesting really goes on but when ever i find new pictures of him in various performances i try to get them on the site- i've probably got about 60 or so now............. www.groups.yahoo.com/kobborg_johan
  11. The only video on general release with Johan in it is 'Bournonville Ballet Technique. Fifty Enchainements.' which was filmed when he was just 19 and shows of his abilities quite well (especially for some one who has only been dancing fulltime scine the age of 15!) Although interesting to watch it gets a bit boring after about 25. You can get it from dancebooks.co.uk (i think what it is) He danced Don Q with Tamara Rojo a while ago on TV (which i recorded) and Cinderella with Alina Cojocaru at chrismas on TV (which i also recorded) but neither are avaliable to buy (yet)! Hope i was of some help, as an avid johan fan myself- i want more vids of johan to be released!!! Maria
  12. I felt the same of her Swan Lake (Odette/Odile)- totally mis-cast. She hasn't had a chance the grow as a person either, she has never really had those two or three years (say between 18 and 21), where most of us were at university, to find out what she like and doesn't like, whats shes good at (and not) and (its bit cheesy) but also to find out WHO she is...............
  13. Hi, I can't really speak for solo seal in Canada- but i have been to solo seal in London at RAD HQ! I find them interesting from a teaching point of view but if you want big performances don't go! If you want to know how long it will last best thing to do is ring up RAD HQ Canada and ask- they should be able to tell you! The published timing for solo seal is 1 hour for 4 candidates, 1 1/4 for 5 candidates! Depending on if it is an all female or a mixed set generally the order is something like this: (All danced as Solos, of course!) Genee Port de bras Male Largo Female Adage Male Classical Variation Female Variation Male Demi-Charactere Variation Female Finales (fouettes, mangege type stuff) Male Finale (similar to female stuff) Only probs with S.S. is that you don't find out what they get!! Hope this was helpful!
  14. Most definatly an interesting schedule!! I have a feeling that I will be spending alot of money next season!!!
  15. We musn't forget Alina's partner in those mind blowing giselles, Mr Johan Kobborg!! Now i've tried, with no luck, to convince my friends that when ms.C constantly throws her leg up it only serves to show us what we have already know she can do and have already seen! Should her leg extentions not be different with each role she undertakes? I find dancers most convincing when they are totally into a role! The 180 she does for one role is exactly the same as the 180 she does for another!! Don't get me wrong i like alina, really i do, but sometimes gymnasitcs just aren't tasteful...........
  16. I cant wait to hear about R&J, i unfortunatly have no money left to spend on tickets to see any of the r&js this time round, probably best when i'm studying for finals and trying to finish my dissertation!
  17. I was so super lucky to be invited by an old aqaintence to see Mayerling last night! Johan and Alina were fab and with seats alot closer to the stage i found the whole production so much more enjoyable!!
  18. I'll send a PM to you! just realised you dont have PM (until 30 posts have been written)so: Im studying on the degree progamme at the Royal Academy of Dance HQ, BA(Hons.) the Art and Teaching of Ballet! I am planning on watching a few ballet videos and DVDs over the next few weeks to get my fix...... but if im desperate i do have Bournonville 50 enchainements to watch- and i can convince myself that its dissertation related!!
  19. I really didn't get my hopes up.........I picked up the injury sheet had he wasn't on it- so i flipped open the cast list and I was soooo happy- He did dance! Mayerling ROH 19th March 2004 The performnace was great- though i must admit that i forgot to bring my binoculars with me from home and my seat at the back of the amphi made it difficult to see expressions clearly (though I have seen these two in these roles before!) I love Mayerling, well the sequences anyway, but found something lacking from friday's performance....... i think it might have been the casting!? I found Tim Matiakis' Bertfich a little dull- i remember how much i loved that role when Jonathan Howells played it back in Oct '02. I though he lacked the feeling of loyalty towards Rudolf and although he danced the role well, I felt there could have been added a little more feeling for Rudolf. I also found Laura Morera's Countess Larisch a little dull, she danced beautifully, but some how i felt she wan't totally 'in the role', I don't think I would have cast her as Countess Larisch- i feel some how that if she could learn to articulate her upper body more, esp. her breastbone, she would get so much out of the Countess role.... Wow this sounds like im really moaning, it's not ment like that at all!! I also wan't totally convinced by Gilian Revie's Mitzi Casper- she wasn't vular enough for my liking!! I found Johan's Rudolf to be so emotional (but then he really loves this ballet- apparently!) he's mad!!!! Bethany Keating was also very good, but i think i'd be scared if i was dancing Stephanie opposite johan's rudolf (was it real fear!?) I spoke to a friend of mine in the 2nd interval who said that she found Alina's Vestra more agressive than in '02- i admitedlyhadn't noticed but i did see what she ment in the third act.... It was more of a feeling that a seeing- i felt that aggression but it, in my eyes, hadn't altered her performance that much. She is still young, a developing a character who is willing to deal herself in on a death pact must be hard for her!!! Well that was my ramble! what did others think? rebekah, i'm not going to see Johan In Conversation at ROH on Tuesday afternoon because i've had to reduce my theatre outing for the next few weeks- I've got the 3rd year finals of my degree coming up, and although i'd love to go i have to study......
  20. Did anyone go on 17th? Am very excited to hear about it! I'll be going on friday eve! I hope Johan is dancing, but i'm not getting my hopes up!!!!!! Poor thing, I've been sending him get better vibes........... ;-)
  21. Maybe you misread but id said of Watson: By sometimes i basically ment modern works, and i do agree with your comments although they are rather harsh! At the end of the day RB obviously think he's worth keeping, and he's paid to do what he does so to speak, so if the company really disliked him they'd sack him!
  22. Hi there, I my seld have been on a mission to extend my ballet film collection. Ebay.co.uk is quite good- sometimes BUT I've just discovered the www.play.com has quite cheap ballet dvds egs. Paris Opera Ballet's La Bayadere for £8.99 ABT's Don Q is also only £8.99 and the bast thing is the P&P is FREE!! Just do a search for 'Ballet' in the DVD section!!! Hope it helps!!
  23. I have to say I was surprised by how much I enojyed the Balanchine triple bill (Thursday 29th Jan 2004)!! Usually it takes me about 3 or 4 attempts at watching his ballets before i can fully understand/ apperciate/ enjoy them. Agon, a (in my eyes) typical balanchine piece, classroom clad in leotards and tights, the dancers having to be perfectly 'in time' or risk messing the whole thing up for themselves and the other dancers! I personally have had a go at dancing the solo in the 2nd pas de trois (bransle gay) and appriciate just how difficult it is., but Lauren Cuthbertson (who replaced Jaimie Tapper, who was injured) looked like she could have danced it in her sleep! PERFECTO!!!!! Edward Watson also danced as wonderfully as he always does. I must say that i liked the the Sarabande, Galliard and coda, I know it was Johan, and i'm biased, but it really was fab. Clear timing, clean footwork but not a smile in sight. Generally Agon was danced well, performed well and recieved well (by me at least). Prodigal Son, danced by Carlos Acosta was 'dramatically' performed- was i think it should be. I must admit, however, this kind of ballet really isn't my cup of tea. A little too amusing, with the funny tribes men (apparently 'drinking companions) and the siren (Guillem) who looks so out of place, it almost seems as though she acidentally walked on to the stage from a rehearsal of 'Come follow the Band'! But it was watchable, for sure! Symphony in C was 'ab fab'! The first movement featuring Cojocaru and Putrov would have been great had it not looked as though Putrov was more interested in the audience than in in his partner. None the less, still the usual sparkling performance from the Romanian RB balletrina! Now Lauren Cuthbertson, she was stunning. Clean, precise, full of life and youthful vigour. In the end sequence where the the 4 balletrinas are in a line at the front, dispite both Cojocaru and Rojo being in the same line, I could not take my eyes of Cuthbertson. I can't wait to see her in R&J with Watson, It'l be the 1st time the RB audeince will see her as a character or as a human being- in opposed to a season! Its all very exciting...... Morera looked as if she'd gone out on a windy day and smiled, it was stuck! Her dancing was great, dispite having what looked like 'disagrements' with her partner Urlezaga! Rojo and Watson, danced the 4th movement. I find them a strange pairing, but they danced well together! I hope Watson will at some point learn to control his flexabilty, don't get me wrong it can look great some times but at othertimes its better to play it down a little- this is, of course, the skill of the great dancer- otherwise he will just be known as Watson - the flexy guy!! How did everyone else feel about the Mr.B bill????????
  24. I was just wondering if anyone was at the opening night of the mixed bill yesterday. I'm off tonight to see it. Any first impressions?
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