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  1. Oh No! :speechless: I hadn't realised they have got rid of it! I'm an Overture member too, and apart from not being able to afford £70 for the membership (that's like 11 tickets in the slips!) I'm not sure it's worth that kind of money. I mean, yes it is great to get advanced booking but I manage to augment by bookings with tickets I buy nearer the time, and don't really have any trouble getting fairly decent ones (not stalls or anything, but always lower slips or amphi.) And presumably you don't get any money off vouchers either! Oh well, I'd better make the most of my membership before
  2. Thanks for that-I must have missed it! Not much in the way of promotions, though I am really pleased about Martin and Thiago. I thought there might be Edward Watson promoted to Principal but maybe it is too soon. Looking forward to next season already though! xx
  3. For anyone interested in choreography, or indeed the Ballet Boyz (Michael Nunn and William Trevitt) this 4-part series is worth a look. The first one was last week, but there are three more culminating in the performance of their first choreographed piece of dance which will be performed at the Barbican-you can also buy tickets for this performance through the Barbican website: https://www.barbican.org.uk/eticketing/pricebands.asp The 'Boyz' are hoping to show how new dance is made, and also to highlight the often difficult transition from dancer to choreographer (and in their case the ad
  4. Hi, I have the following tickets for sale as I am unable to go to these events: William Tuckett's 'A Soldier's Tale', Linbury Studio Theatre Thursday 17th June 2004, 2:30pm Seat G5 (Arena left) 1 x student ticket @ £8 'Inspired by Diaghilev' Linbury Studio Theatre Sinday 27th June 2004, 3pm Seat E18 (Arena right) 1x student ticket @ £8 The box office staff checked my student card when I bought the tickets, but I have never been asked to provide my card again when going into a performance so these tickets would be suitable for anyone. Post here if you are interested xx
  5. Hi-thank you again to everyone who posted on my previous topic about fantatsy literature for children. I discovered many new books which I enjoyed greatly. I have just returned from a meeting with my tutor who has suggested that I need to narrow my topic down further, therefore I would appreciate any suggestions of children's books concerning time/disruption of time/time travel. I have already looked at the more obvious one such as Peter Pan (not growing up/time not passing), Moondial (setting ghosts free) Children of Green Knowe (children from the past), Tom's Midnight Garden (the past a
  6. Hiya, I went on Wednesday, and it was great to see Onegin again. The cast was as follows: Eugene Onegin-Johan Kobborg Tatiana-Alina Cojacaru Olga-Caroline Duprot Lensky-Federico Bonelli Prince Gremin-Bennet Gartside Overall I thought the performance lacked some sparkle, especially for a first night. As much as I love Johan Kobborg I didn't find him a great Onegin, because he was dwarfed by Bonelli. I think pairing the two of them wasn't the best choice because (for me anyway) Onegin should have more presence than Lensky. I also didn't get any feeling of friendship between them, so the
  7. Hi Dancing frog-I agree that the Discworld novels aren't for children but luckily Terry Prachett has more recently written fantasy books for children-Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, The Wee Free Men and just out, A Hatful of Sky. The last two are Discworld books for kids, which is great because it means I can include them in my dissertation! I've just finished The Wee Free Men and if you like Discworld books then you'll love it! A Hatful of Sky is the sequel to it. Enjoy! And thanks for the recommendation too xx
  8. I went last night to the Mixed Bill and thought it was excellent-certainly one of the best selected Mixed Bill (usually there is one ballet I don't like out of three or four, which I still have to sit through to see the rest!) Castings were as follows: Daphnis and Chloe: Daphnis-Federico Bonelli (replacing Inaki Urlezega) Chloe-Miyako Yoshida Lykanion-Laura Morera Dorkon-Martin Harvey Bryaxis-Jonathan Howells Pan-David Pickering I really enjoyed this piece, with its bright sets from John Craxton-they seemed to relfect the cheerful tone of the ballet. This was futher emphasised by the
  9. For Darcey Bussell fans everywhere, she has put her latest newsletter on her website: http://www.darceybussell.com/ She talks about going back to work, and there is a gorgeous picture of Zoe. Looking forward to seeing her back on stage in the new season xx
  10. Thank you for all your recommendations! I'm heading into town to take up residence in the library!
  11. Hi, I'm doing my MA dissertation in Children's Literature on fantasy writings. In particular I'm looking at books which feature other world or alternate realities. I have the most obvious 'classics' down (Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan/Wizard of Oz) and some more from my readings as a child (Tom's Midnight Garden/Moondial/ Wizard of Earthsea) Basically I was wondering of anyone had any recommendations of any fantasy books which they loved/hated because I keep going to the library and bookshops but there is such a huge choice of fantasy that narrowing the selection is taking a long time : ) T
  12. There is also The Ballet Twins by Jean Estorial (author of the Drina books)-not surprisingly it is about twins who audition for the Lingeraux School of Ballet (a fictitious school which is mentioned in the Drina books too, Drina meets Madama Lingeraux on one of her many holidays!) I love children's books-still re-read them all now and I'm 24! xx
  13. Has anyone been to see this Mixed Bill with Daphnis and Chloe/ Le Spectre de la Rose/ L'Apres Midi D'un Faune/Les Noces? This is Judith Mackrell's review for thr Guardian on Monday: http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/reviews/sto...1213087,00.html There are reviews and pictures on ballet.co.uk site too: http://www.ballet.co.uk/dcforum/happening/4321.html I'm going tomorrow so will reserve judgement until then xx
  14. There is a review of Robert Altman's film 'The Company' (starring and produced by Neve Campbell) by Judith Mackrell, featuring comments on the film by Royal Ballet dancers Christina Arestisi, Edward Watson, Jonathan Howells, as well as by William Trevitt, Trevor Nunn and Christopher Saunders. http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/features/st...1209518,00.html The overriding comment seems to be that they feel the film does not reflect 'their world' in any way, and the choreography wasn't up to much. I went the other day (it isn't showing in many London cinemas) and was pretty disappointed. I really
  15. rebekah


    Thanks for all the background info! I think I'm going to have to buy a book becasue I find this era of history fascinating!
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