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This is may not be video, however, does anyone know where I may find footage of the 1970 Varna Men's competition. Hideo Fukagawa and Alexei Yudenich were both awarded the Silver, no gold was awarded that year. There is a very nice anniversary party being planned and to have the footage would truly be very special. Thank you for any help you are able to provide.

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the only footage i know of concerning varna and fukagawa is the '69 comp. documented in 'world's young ballet' and which i believe is still available commercially. as follows:

World's young ballet/ Popular Science Film Studios. 1969.

(70 min.) : sd. b&w

Notes:Motion picture produced in the U.S.S.R. by Popular Science Film Studios. Distributed by Macmillan Audio Brandon Films.

Chief consultant, Olga Lepeshinskaya.

Dance contents: Cassette 1. Black swan pas de deux, danced sequentially by three couples (Loipa Araújo and Azari Plisetzki, Maria Aradi and Imre Dózsa, Francesca Zumbo and Patrice Bart) -- Alexander Bogatirev in a solo from Paquita -- Lubov Kunakova in a Russian variation (chor: Marat Gaziev) -- Mikhail Baryshnikov in Solor's solo from La bayadère -- Hideo Fukagawa in a solo from Paquita -- Annemarie Dybdal and Peter Schaufuss in the Flower festival at Genzano pas de deux -- Malika Sabirova in variations from Don Quixote and Le corsaire -- Yukiko Yasuda and Jun Ishii in the coda from the Don Quixote pas de deux -- Ludmila Semenyaka and Nikolai Kovmir in the pas de deux from Giselle, Act II, and Us (chor: Genrikh Mayorov) -- Aradi and Dózsa in Spartacus (chor: László Seregi) -- Jorge Esquivel and Araújo in Webern Op. 5 (chor: Maurice Béjart).

Hannelore Bey and Roland Havlik in La mer (chor: Tom Schilling) -- Baryshnikov in Vestris (chor: Jakobson) -- Natalia Bolshakova and Vadim Guliaev in Reflection (chor: Kasyan Goleizovsky; mus: Massenet) -- Helgi Tomasson in a classical variation (chor: Anton Dolin) -- Zumbo and Bart in Bhakti (chor: Béjart) -- Nina Sorokina and Yuri Vladimirov in Peace and war (chor: Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Lubovich Vasil'ev) and Esmeralda.

Documentary on the first International Ballet Competition, Moscow, held on June 11-23, 1969. Includes numerous brief excerpts from the competitors' performances, as well as brief historical footage of a solo by Anna Pavlova. Galina Ulanova, Alicia Alonso, Olga Lepeshinskaya, Leonid Jakobson, and others also appear among the judges and/or coaches.

Titles in Russian with English narration.

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