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A Pun my Word!

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My attendance has been a little erratic lately (courtesy of the Chancellor of the Exchequer who has seen fit to make announcements that both put me out of work in about nine months time but also increase my workload about 75% for the present). It was good to see this subject again.

Remembering my "Seven movements of dancing" -

Plier - to make amenable by means of alcohol

Eteindre - to be promoted into the company proper

Relever - to change syllabus, e.g. from RAD to Cecchetti

Glisser - to assist a stage smile by rubbing vaseline over the teeth

Sauter - to fry in butter

Elancer - to complete a medical procedure

Tourner - to switch from ballet to musical theatre

Which reminds me ... here in Britain, stage plays are referred to as "the legitimate theatre". This left my jazz dance teacher and me wondering what musicals and ballet were.

And the following have also come to mind

Ecarté - to be ejected from the theatre

Effacé - falsely modest

Soubresaut - the big fry-up for breakfact after a hard night of drinking

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