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A Pun my Word!

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This thread spins off a post on the Adult Students forum where a poster named "cou-de-pied" as "coup-de-pied", which I commented sounded like a ballet pun for battements serrés, or a really good relevé, as in "coup de théatre"! What about it? Can anybody think of some really apropos plays on words for steps or ballet-related terms? As a starter, and realize that it is rather early in the morning, I'll contribute "cou de théatre" = lobby.;)

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Oh boy my brain hurt thinking about this..but theres this one..

My pointe shoes need to be serioulsy re-vamped..groan

oh and now I'm on a rôle....

I brought salt and pepper to the SFB box office as i wanted to buy a season ticket....oh that one really hurt to write it out....

I'll go now before the tomatoes start flying....

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Hmmm! OK, we seem to be entering into the spirit of the thing, which should keep us happily occupied through the Christmas/New Year's letdown, when lots of us could use a joke!

For example:

grand pas = extremely senior male dancer.

saut de chat = time to go to the vet!

temps lié = your watch is slow.

quatrième derrière = the result of gene-splicing, doubtless!

Fractured French may be impolite to a beautiful and graceful language, but it is fun!;)

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Balletptomaine: Disease which causes one rob florists to shower boquests on one's favorite ballerina.

Edward Gorey once made a hilarious set of illustrations (you could get them at the NYCB guild table back when) illustrating a number of dance scenarious based on "pas" something-or-there. My favorite one, as I mentioned elsewhere here recently, is "Pas devant les domestiques," which showed an upper-crust couple dancing a very unhappy looking tango in front of an audience of also-unhappy looking servants of various ilks.

"Paddy Boray" -- special Riverdance number only performed on St. Patrick's Day.

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This is awful, rather like eating salted peanuts. And the horrible thing is that I realize that I have two former students who are professional cartoonists and aren't working on anything in particular right now. Gorey redux?

tour de basque = vacation in Navarre

pas de chat = You didn't tell me she had Yorkshire Terriers!

port de bras = making a gel-augmented foundation garment.

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