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A Pun my Word!

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coming from the other side of the globe:

'jota' = what it is in australia at christmas

36+ degrees celsius, day after day - and no cooler than 24º at night...

stil, i'd rather this, than what you've got.

at least a sea 'brisé' is just picking up...

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ah, the four 'sissones'! i should have thought of that, treefrog.

batterie = what parents of young children need a good stock of, at christmas


thinking of agon, this one's for mel:

'bransle' = what can happen if people drink too much on new year's eve

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Treefrog, good idea!:) My mental image for the tour en l'air is a Cessna 150 getting an IFRF (In-Flight Refueling) from a KC-10 tanker.

Grace, excellent! :D (For those who don't know about how to say this dance, Elizabeth I once wrote that she enjoyed dancing the Spanish Panic and the Saracen Brawl!) I wonder what that first one looked like.;)

ballon = mode of travel in the Joffrey Nutcracker.

(mental image - Clara and Drosselmeyer being blown past Konfitüremburg International Airport by prevailing winds)

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Oh, I like these! At least the ones I understand... unfortunately, I only speak "ballet french" and so I don't get the ones that play off of other meanings that the words, or combos, might have. But the ones I get are a lot of fun! If only I could think of any.


P.S. Mr. Johnson, I'm quite fond of the Joffrey's "Ballon"!

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