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Dance in advertising

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Someone mentioned this topic somewhere else on this board, but I couldn't find it, so - has anyone else noticed the ad that has what appears to be wooden Nutcracker figurines hopping out of a cabinet (they are supposed to be Christmas decorations that have been stored away). They "dance" to Nutcracker music. There's even a ballerina in a pretty pink tutu (presumably the Sugar Plum Fairy). Then a door opens and a human says something like: "Just becaue we are having a (brand name) baked ham doesn't mean it's Christmas." The figurines fall out of their pirouettes and look disappointed. I thought it was amusing and quite well done. ;)

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The Nutcracker commercial sounds charming. I hope to see it sometime.

In the last year or so, Suki Schorer has become an advertising star. She has been seen (but not identified) in various TV commercials and print ads for Fosamax, a prescription medication said to reverse the effects of osteoporosis. The setting is a ballet class. In "real life," Suki, of course, is a great teacher at SAB. Before that she had a distinguished career with NYCB. In the early ads and commercials, she wore a dreamy, meditative expression, even while offering corrections to her students. More recently, she delivered a tasteful sales pitch on one of the commercials. In the latest print ad I saw, she's apparently enjoying something funny that's just happened and has a beaming, wonderfully animated smile. So the ever-perky Suki is coming through.

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Yes, I, too, enjoy the Suki ads/commercials. I have often wondered why she (and her association with SAB) isn't identified. Anyone know/guess why it's done that way?

But what amazes me every time I see those ads is that my eyes stay focused on Suki -- as opposed to the young students. It must be that old-fashioned "star power" -- once you have it you just don't lose it!! The same thing happens with those snippets of Danilova in the Turning Point; she's the one you can't take your eyes off.

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