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signing off for a little while

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Had a lovely evening at SPAC with a few Ballet Alerters. This will be my last post on the NYCB season at SPAC, unless I go directly from my hospital bed to closing night on Saturday. What do you all think? Possible?

I want to say that it has been a pleasure to get together with a number of you, and I look forward to lots more good times. Just a couple of highlights from the first half of the final week:

I like Hallelujah Junction! I'm surprised frankly. I don't much care for most of Adams' music, but there were some lovely melody lines going on there along with the minimalist drone. I also don't always appreciate Martins' choreography...no secret there. I did find this ballet a bit long and repetitive, but I loved the energy and high spirits.

A second and third viewing of Vespro did not change my opinion. It is grotesque and I cannot imagine that it is not painful to dance. I cannot understand why it is in the repertory for winter.

The Bach Concerto impressed me not at all, but that is because it was the first ballet on the gala program and no one who works at SPAC gets to see the first ballet on the gala--at least not enough to be able to concentrate. The dancing looked sweet and inocuous enough and the music is lovely. So that I would like to see in winter season.

Aesha Ash and Kip Houston were darling in Explosions Polka and Yvonne Borre and Nicolaj Hubbe pulled off the second movement of Vienna Waltzes quite well. Yvonne was GOOD, really good. I like Hubbe in just about everything I have seen him do. As much as I love Jeny Ringer, she needs to grow into the Merry Widow and I am confident that she will. I was veryhappy to see Rachel Rutherford have a shot at the first section. Well done. On the whole, Vienna Waltzes isn't my favorite to watch, but it goes nicely on a summer evening--once.

Alexandra had asked about the little mites in Circus Polka. Sorry I forgot to answer--it is about half and half--local kids and imports from SAB, Pittsburgh, Rock, etc.

Prodigal with Damian Woetzel and Maria Kowrowski: this ballet packs a real emotional wallop--anyone who has ever had a headstrong child can certainly relate. This afternoon's audience was unfamiliar with the ballet, and I think they were stunned by it. I like Damian in this part, even though it is not my favorite ballet--I would rather see Peter Boal, but Peter is my current favorite among the men (and has been for a while). Damian did a wonderful job with both of today's performances, imho. Maria, however....I really love Maria as a dancer. I adore her extension especially. But watching her in Prodigal and then watching her in Monumentum/Movements--well I just didn't see any differences. I don't see personality emerging in her roles, but her technique is so superb that I love to watch her.

And Bizet--on my all-time top list. This afternoon was a great performance. Jennie Symogyi was crystalline in the first movement and Ashley Bouder looked like the Cheshire Cat in the third. She was having the time of her life. Carmena was wonderful, but I kept thinking that stylistically he does have more of an ABT look. I'd love to see the other cast, but alas I won't.

That's it for me. Must get some sleep. Thanks to all of you for listening to me....enjoy the rest of the summer. I'll be back.

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Thanks for this final report on the 2002 SPAC season, rkoretzky. It was a great pleasure being there and meeting you. And even though you weren't watching the first ballet on Gala night, you hit on the perfect adjective for Bach Concerto V: innocuous. Vespro is the kind of ballet I ordinarily dismiss as "Eurotrash," but my ethnic pride must have been stirred by having an Italian doing a ballet for NYCB, to music by another Italian, so I like it. I like Hallelujah Junction, too.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to an early resumption of your posts. Enjoy the racing season.


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