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World Ballet Series


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A Michigan-based newsletter I receive included an advert for performances of Swan Lake by the "World Ballet Series" (https://www.worldballetseries.com).  I searched Ballet Alert! and nothing turned up, thought it might be of interest (or curiosity) to some.  From their website:


World Ballet Series is a unique concept combining the world’s beloved ballets performed live on the most celebrated stages across the nation.

Gathered to bring the breathtaking beauty of classical dance to the audiences, a multinational cast of 50 professional ballet dancers represents 10 countries united by the passion for enriching classical ballet traditions through brilliant and critically acclaimed new productions of the world classics.

World Ballet Series is a family-friendly experience accompanied by the timeless score, over 150 hand-sewn costumes, hand-crafted sets, and the most talented dancers for you to enjoy the four iconic ballets: Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Romeo and Juliet. 

Produced by Gorskaya-Hartwick Productions, a US-based company.

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The World Ballet Series performed Swan Lake in Denver October 2 at the University of Denver in a theater with no orchestra pit. The ads made no mention of live music nor did they name any dancers. I didn't bother. I don't recognize a single name of the dancers on the World Ballet web site. If this provides some paid compensation to dancers who would otherwise be unemployed, well, okay. But I hope this isn't the only experience of live performance that these audiences have. They seem to travel to a lot of smaller cities without regular access to live performance.


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I have heard of Andrea Laššáková only from the account of her departure from Russia with her boyfriend, Adrian Blake Mitchell. Most of the dancers seem to be from Belarus and Russia. Previously these pickup groups of dancers called themselves "Russian Ballet etc." or "Great Russian..." I guess "World Series Ballet" is considered a more marketable title now.

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Irina Sapozhnikova was principal ballerina at the Mariinsky- Primorsky theatre in Vladivostok. She gives beautiful performances on the more technical side but is solid in everything she does. Her black swan is better than white, but she is always dependable to give a great performance. Her and her husband, also former principal at Primorsky, are now on the remainder of the tour. Tickets are expensive but for places that normally don’t get ballet, it’s a solid performance. The Corpse de ballet was much much better than I was expecting. The 3rd act was not good, from all perspectives, but the incredibly busy backdrop and overly fussy costumes sent it over the edge. The black swan pas almost made up for it. The 4th act is abbreviated, which is a shame as I feel that Irina is her best as Odette in the 4th act, and it’s a happy ending. 

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