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Terrible News - Dance Books is folding

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From a letter

Dear Customers, Friends, & Colleagues,

I am writing to you, with great regret, to inform you of the imminent closure of Dance Books.

Trading conditions during the pandemic have been very difficult and in addition to this we have recently been hit by two bombshells: earlier this year our book trade distributors, Vine House, went into liquidation, meaning that we have lost the ability to sell our publications to bookshops, and a month ago the company that hosts our web site announced that they too are closing, which means we shall shortly have no web site and thus no opportunity to sell our books to private customers. In these conditions our only option is to close down while we are still solvent. I have of course tried to find a company willing to take us over, but to no avail.

I'd like to thank all the many people who have supported us over the more than fifty years I've been running the company: our friends and customers and my fellow staff members, particularly my partner Richard Holland, our brilliant editor/designers Liz Morrell and Sanjoy Roy, and my co-editors of 'Dance Now', Ann Nugent, Sanjoy Roy, and Allen Robertson.

Our web site will remain active until mid-July, so if you'd like to order any of our wonderful books please do so soon: after that date they will no longer be available.

Very best wishes,


David Leonard

Managing Director, Dance Books Ltd.

As usual, you'll find full details and ordering facilities on our web site: www.dancebooks.co.uk

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We moved a couple years ago, and I'm still sorting through old flyers and paperwork -- I came across catalogs and flyers from years ago, from several different dance book distributors.  I got very nostalgic...

Where do people look nowadays for books? 

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