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From the NY Times


Comfort Viewing: 3 Reasons I Love ‘Dark Shadows’

“If ‘Star Trek’ was about going new places and meeting new people, ‘Dark Shadows’ is about staying inside,” McBride said in an interview last month. “Characters travel to other dimensions without leaving the family house. It’s very personal and inward focused.”


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Great article, Deflope. I think that DS is one of the best TV shows ever, on its own terms.


There are many queer delights in “Dark Shadows,” but two performances stand out. The actor Louis Edmonds, who came out later in life, gave a delicious performance as the irritable priss Roger Collins, who wears cravats and turtlenecks and uses words like “preposterous.” (You know the type.) And I swear the old New York City gay club Splash used to play clips of Grayson Hall’s camptastic performance as Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Edmonds played Roger like some weird cross between Dickens and Coward. I remember somebody had to summon a doctor for some reason, and Roger took charge: “You’d better allow me. As one of the locals I can get one of the less addled quacks we have serving the countryside here.”

Great show, I'm telling you.

Soap fans of the era will recall Edmonds as Langley Wallingford, who was married to Ruth Warrick's Phoebe Tyler on "All My Children." They were a magnificent pair.

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More Dark Shadows- related cast deaths:

  • Actor Chris Pennock, who joined the show in 1970 and played prominent roles in the Leviathans, Parallel Time and 1840 storylines, died on February 12th at the age of 76.
  • Actor Geoffrey Scott, who appeared from January-March 1970 as Angelique's husband, died on February 23rd at the age of 79. (He achieved greater fame years later when he played tennis pro/gigolo Mark Jennings for two seasons on Dynasty.)
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