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Annual Concours - November 6th and 8th

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The annual competition for promotion is this week. Hopefully, some of our French correspondents will report!

Here are the number of positions in play:

1 - première danseuse/3 - sujets (f)/3 - coryphees (f)

2 - premiere danseurs/3 - sujets (m)/2 - coryphées (m)

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From the competition program:

The women's field:


The men's field:


By my count, there are 32 women competing and only 24 men. Is the competition less of a "thing" for the men than the women? (Only 5 men competing in the sujet-to premiere danseur classification. Did all the male sujets over 30 just say: "To Hell with it"?)


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From POB official release

Hohyun Kang, Célia Drouy and Clémence Gross promoted to Coryphées

Letizia Galloni, Caroline Osmont and Naïs Duboscq promoted to Sujets

Sylvia Saint-Martin promoted to Première danseuse

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Fun fact: Nikolaus Tudorin, Thomas Docquir and Pablo Legasa all danced the Dancer in Brown's first variation from Dances at a Gathering, And they were all promoted!

Otherwise, the results weren't terribly surprising in the men's competition. Simon Le Borgne was the lead in Alexander Ekman's Play and Thomas Docquir was highly cast in the company's most recent revival of Swan Lake. So the competition results just caught up to events.

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30 minutes ago, ECat said:

So they get to choose their variations or are they assigned?

For the first round of each classification, there's an imposed variation. In the second round of each classification, each competitor gets to choose their own free variation.

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