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Who will be the AD of NB Canada?

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14 hours ago, volcanohunter said:

Because James Kudelka was still director when she retired.

True, but it didn't hurt that she spent that time doing projects that gave her experience outside the studio.  I think that's really what I'm trying to get to -- AD is a different skill set, and the transition is a difficult one if you're coming straight off the stage.

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I think it's fair to say she spent years preparing for the job. Kudelka became director in 1996. She retired in 1997, and in 1998 she became Artistic Associate. She spent years shadowing Kudelka, but never challenged his authority. When he left, she was an obvious successor, not least because her name was a powerful fundraising tool.

I think Côté is also angling for the job, and for a number of years he has been AD of a summer arts festival, gaining administrative experience. He also has some very well-heeled admirers, although dancers today are nothing like the household names of generations past. It wouldn't be possible to convert his popularity into donor cash, as the company has been doing with Kain for almost 15 years.

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