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Zeneida Yanowsky

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I've seen Zeneida dance a few times now, and yes, she's beutiful and technically, almost perfect. But, I have to say that every time, I haven't come out of the theatre feeling breath-taken, like I am when I've watched Tamara Rojo or Alina Cojocaru.

But, then there's Angel Corella, WOW!!!! I think he's amazing, and he just captured my spirit totally. Theres just something about him.

What does everyone else think about Zeneida and Angel????

P.S I don't mean to offend anyone! If I have, sorry!:)


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Hi Twinkle_RBS_gal. I just love all the dancers you've mentioned. I agree, technically Zenaida's quite awesome. I thought she made a fantastically cold and powerful Myrtha last week and she just outshone everyone in In the Middle and as the Street Dancer in Don Q. I think maybe her face isn't so expressive and that may be why she doesn't come across with as much warmth as Tamara, Alina and Angel. I think it will probably hurt her when it comes to roles and she hasn't had much opportunity so far. I think the only big ballet she's done is Swan Lake and I'm pleased that Stretton is letting her dance that one on the tour and maybe next season as well. Probably her height is a hinderance as well - I think only Inaki and Jonathan are tall enough to partner her and not surprisingly Sylvie and Darcey get priority. So I wonder if we'll ever see her in Giselle, R&J etc. I think she may be going down the Debbie Bull route.

As for Angel, I just fell in love this guy from the ABT videos and am so happy that he's guesting regularly with the RB. He said that he'll probably be back next season, maybe Swan Lake, Manon (can you imagine!) so crossed fingers. He was undoubtedly my favourite Basilo and it was wonderful how much energy he had with Alina in Don Q. He was good in La Bayadere too but there are all sorts of things in that ballet that turn me off (the guys costumes especially - Angel actually looked dumpy in his and made Alina look tinier than ever). I didn't think his partnership with Tamara in Giselle would work out because they seem like such different dancers though they come from the same school, but they were wonderful and as I said on another thread, so in tune with one another. I love how much joy he brings to his dancing - he shares that with Alina of course. I've seen him a couple times in RB classes and of course he just blew everyone away. The last one I watched I was with lots of friends who'd hardly seen any ballet before and they all spent their time ogling Johannes Stepanek. But by the end when Angel was pulling off his grande pirouettes, tours en l'air, etc, etc all talk was of him. :)

You haven't offended me! Embarrassed I am to admit I love rhapsodizing about dancers I love. Just give me another name, give me another excuse! :)

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Oh ITA, with what she's done with her solo roles. She's impressed everyone left and right! And her Odile/Odette is supposed to be wonderful. It's Alina's I'm looking forward to though. I'm so jealous Sydney gets to see it first!

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I've seen Yuri dance just the first part of Le Corsaire pdd with Darcey Bussell on video so it was hard to tell what he was like. I think I remember reading he was a soloist with Boston Ballet or something, is that right? Has he made a lot of progress in the company?

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Yuri danced the role of Oberon, and danced a leading part in an Arpino ballet that I was teaching to Boston Ballet.

I think there was a question of weather he would return to BB this year, and now it is for sure that he will.

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Boston Ballet does the Bruce Wells version which I enjoyed. I had danced in the Ashton version and never liked other versions, but Boston Ballet's production is quite magical.

Yuri should most probably move up the ranks. He has it all. He can dance classical as well as contemporary styles. He has a great dancer body and very good face for the stage.

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Yury is already a principal at Boston Ballet and thankfully will be with the company next season. He has been with the company for about 8 years now and has steadily developed in to a wonderful and exciting performer.

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Zeneida Yanousky is one of my favourite RB dancers. The last time I saw her she danced the second variation in the Bayadere Shades a couple of weeks ago. I have to agree that she is very tall and stood out in the three shades but her line was incredible.

She is the most perfect Lilac Fairy I have ever seen.

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We were fortunate to have the Royal Ballet in Boston last summer dancing "Swan Lake" Ms. Yanowsky danced Odette/Odile on saturday matinee. She was warmly received partially because she is Yury's sister and there were many fans in the audience but I felt her performance with Jonathan Cope was first off, techniqualiy strong but also sensitive and showed great promise for a young and blossoming ballerina. She has a soft, gentle delivery for the statuesque presence she has physically. I very much enjoyed her performance!

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