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#WorldBalletDay with PNB, Video Up for 30 Days

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PNB's contribution to World Ballet Day is a video of the rehearsal of the first half of "Dances at a Gathering," filmed in Studio C, which is the size of the stage.  According to a comment on the Facebook thread with the video, it will be up for 30 days.

Dancers are:

Brown: Lucien Postlewaite

Pink: Sarah Ricard Orza

Green: Jerome Tisserand

Purple: Seth Orza, Elizabeth Murphy

Blue: Elle Macy, Joshua Grant

Brick: Kyle Davis

Apricot: Noelani Pantastico in first pas, then Angelica Generosa

(The video ends before Laura Tisserand [Green] makes her first appearance.)

Pianist: Christine Siemens :flowers:



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So glad we can watch the rehearsal for 30 more days but it’s kind of cruel that it ends right before Laura Tisserand’s first solo.  Her performance throughout was SO enchanting!! I absolutely loved her in that role and the way she used her eyes was just *magical*.

If PNB has any rehearsal footage of Laura, could you please post it on FB?  It’s just not fair...

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