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  1. kylara7

    The Green Table

    The Green Table was created in 1932, but thank goodness it was kept alive as the subject matter is evergreen. :( I'm sure that the argument about whether art is/should be political is equally ubiquitous and is likely influenced by the variety of opinions among the population at a given time and the ebbs and flows of social upheaval and action around social issues. Some people prefer their art as to be an escape from the outside world and its burdens and conflicts. Others prefer to be challenged and unsettled by art and want art to engage with the topics of the times. As these are opinions and not facts, there is no right or wrong, although the reliance on a melange of funding sources and to what extent that includes state and corporate support does seem to shift the balance depending on the region/culture and the general class makeup of the audiences.
  2. kylara7

    Swedish Academy in turmoil

    I've also been reading the press coverage...the pattern of sexual abuse by Arnault via his Academy connections seems to go back as far as the 1990s and the current list of women who have come forward is up to 18. As with other powerful institutions that have been in the news for similar issues, there seems to have been a pattern of ignoring or burying the attempts at reporting sexual misconduct/assault (different countries have different legal terms/distinctions and I am not familiar with Sweden's). It's disheartening to see all of the dirty laundry coming out in so many esteemed institutions, but hopefully this wave of accountability will bring needed change. Institutions, like families, tend to be "as sick as they are secret" when it comes to these things. And I find the patting of the Crown Princess on the bum to be VERY telling of Mr. Arnault's attitudes. It seems to say that he respects women so little that even a royal title and the status it carries is negated by his view of women as sexual objects for his own ends.
  3. kylara7

    The Green Table

    That sounds fascinating...if you see it, please report back! I was at a presentation recently that mentioned choreographer Choo San Goh, uncle of Chan-hon Goh, and his work prior to his untimely death and it got me thinking about how our arts ecosystem might look different and more dynamic had we not had those losses. It feels to me like an older era is grimly hanging on long after the next cohort should have taken on some of the workload and helped to build a transition to new audiences and a new body of work to add to the rich tradition.
  4. kylara7

    The Green Table

    Amen! I feel that art is most powerful when it questions the status quo and makes demands of polite society. Sometimes art challenges culture/societal evolution and sometimes culture/societal/evolution challenges art (re: old works that don't fit modern norms or aesthetics), but it's an ongoing process. Ballet and other "high arts" seem to be at a crossroads...will they continue along the old paths and cater to an aging audience that demands comfort or will they adapt and evolve with the demands of more current sensibilities? I think that we're at a transition point. And something I wonder about is how much the losses of the 1980s generation of artists and creators to AIDS and economic/cultural shifts in state support/valuation of the arts have left a gap that is being felt at present.
  5. kylara7

    The Green Table

    Ballet West did The Green Table last season (2016-2017) to much acclaim. Considering AD Adam Sklute's Joffrey roots and the political turmoil of the past year in the U.S. (and worldwide), it seemed like a powerful choice. A friend and former colleague who lives in Salt Lake City saw it and was very moved....a testament to the power and reach of the arts. I so wish I could see one of these productions! I'm glad to hear that other companies are also presenting The Green Table. It is timely. http://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=5170843&itype=CMSID
  6. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    Inadvertent double post...my apologies (my internet has been spotty since the ice storm this past weekend) :/
  7. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    Stories of family businesses and Four Yorkshiremen aside, I personally expect a higher level of policy and behaviour from a public institution that is state supported and that represents, explictly or implicitly, the national arts. With so many similar stories from ballet and other companies emerging from all over the world, it's clear to me that we are confronting a longstanding systemic problem. Cultural shifts are difficult and slow, but the arc of social changes bends in a positive direction over time, as the wise person once observed. What seems to be "new" is that individuals within systems have more options to communicate with each other, share stories, and get information out into the public sphere through new channels. Tabloids are part of the media ecosystem and serve a purpose. The Louis C.K. story (and others) started as a blind item in the tabloids, which sent up a flare to other people who were affected and enabled the gathering and vetting of information that finally came to light over a period of years. I expect that eventually someone is going to retire/resign/leave the ballet world and won't fear blacklisting or retaliation and will be willing to go on record. This podcast episode and the linked "On Rumors" piece gives a good rundown of how these sorts of news stories pass from rumor to tabloid to news. http://www.canadalandshow.com/podcast/ahead-of-the-times/
  8. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    On a positive note, Scottish Ballet AD Christopher Hampson published an excellent and personal statement on the company website. This is the face of leadership that I hope will spread and become a new norm. "Have I ever been abusive to a dancer? Never intentionally, but here lies the grit of the issue; when you are in a position of power and influence, it isn’t simply a question of whether you did or you didn’t, you do or you don’t. The questions should be: how do others perceive you and how does your leadership affect them? Do you inspire working practices that bring out the best in others? Through leadership, do you demonstrate fallibility and how to learn from mistakes, accepting that success is the sum of the work of many, not just one individual? To these questions, we should strive to answer ‘yes’, always. And what about the dancers? Millennials get a bad press but, on the whole, I’m inspired by them. They expect to be treated with respect and they search it out. The new generation of dancers anticipate guidance and mentorship at all levels. They do not accept the instances of misogyny, nepotism or discrimination that previous generations of dancers and directors felt the need to consent to as ‘just part of the dance world’. Thankfully, most of the millennials I work with, both at Company level and in schools, do not recognise being shouted at, or humiliated as ‘working hard’, as some in previous generations did." https://www.scottishballet.co.uk/articles/behaviour-in-the-ballet-world
  9. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    There is a new article on the ongoing fractures at the NBoC in the latest issue of Frank magazine. It says that Frola and Hawes are leaving for English National Ballet, that McKie is back after a three-month absence that he will not comment on "for legal reasons" and has his own legal/mental health team. NBoC management is still denying that anything is wrong despite several major individual donors pulling their support and citing the situation with nepotism/sexual harassment allegations as a reason. TD bank, a major corporate sponsor asked for a meeting to "address concerns" and ask why NBoC doesn't have nepotism/sexual harassment and was told "because no one has that!" only to have TD present hard copies of their own and say that they are monitoring the situation. The "internal investigation" found nothing wrong, NBoC management continues to deny that anything is wrong but are allegedly going to meet with dancers to find out who is snitching. Ugh. I'm so disappointed in NBoC yet again, but we're seeing it in other arts/dance orgs and businesses as well. Personally, I think the entrenched culture of denial and coverup is not going away easily but is in the stage of extinction burst. And again, my concerns are for all of the individuals who are speaking up and letting us know (as a society) that all is not well.
  10. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    David Binet's name has now been removed from the French version of the NBoC website. The shady behaviour continues.
  11. kylara7

    Maria Alexandrova

    Thank you...this is wonderful news. I am sending this info/link to friends and family in the UK I wish I could go too!
  12. kylara7

    2017-18 season

    Has anyone seen anything official on McKie? First he's out of Sleeping Beauty and now Nijinski...
  13. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    Amen to ALL of that, JumpFrog...I can't add anything other that the fact that I agree 100%. Thank you Blackcurrant for the keen eye on the French version of the website. One gets the impression that things are not running smoothly or professionally there. Change happens because the people demand change.
  14. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    I also have a .pdf of a programme from fall 2017. It's all public information plus what has come out in the tabloids. It adds insult to injury to keep assuming that people/the public are stupid/too gullible to put the pieces together, especially these days with many journalists and other investigative writers willing to listen and dig for what has been hidden under the rugs in many institutions and organizations. And if the leadership at NBoC has sunk to reading/reacting to internet discussions, then that speaks volumes about the level of competence.
  15. kylara7

    Binet Allegations

    Yes, the internet is forever. There's The Wayback Machine and screenshots. And disappearing listings and information is not a good look, I agree. When someone is trying this hard to hide/mask something, there's reason(s). Coincidentally, I've been listening to an 8-part podcast series on Watergate called Slow Burn. Curiouser and curiouser is right.