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Vladimir Malakhov

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.... Now his is the best male dancer for me....

Curious question: When did you see him live on stage last time?

Best regards from Berlin...

I have not seen Vladimir Malakhov for some years now, but I know he is still dancing leading roles in Berlin (Siegfried this month and later the role of Ahmed in his production of La Peri to Burgmullers music). He is 42 years of age now and has been a complete artist in many leading roles and as well as Premier danseur he is the Artistic Director of the Staatsballett Berlin.

Nina Alovert wrote of him," The dancing of a great artist is like the singing or playing of a great musician. Vladimir Malakhov, the new guest star at American Ballet Theatre, belongs to this rare group of dancers. His artistry is more than just a matter of the good dancer's natural qualities: pliant muscles, high insteps, a soft plie, ballon, and elevation. With Malakhov there are also such special qualities as the flexibility of his back and the beauty of his lines, poses, and hands." Dance Magazine August 1995.

In my opinion Mr Malakhov never needed the manufacturing of the "celebrity" press treatment that made other dancers more famous than they deserved especially when they never really became artists of the dance.

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If I ever had to choose the best ten ballet performances I saw I would have to name two that Malakhov performed with Diana Vishneva---Giselle and Manon. A partnership for the ages.--and I saw both performances fairly recently.

hummmm---now that would be an interesting topic---can you choose just ten??? :wallbash:

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I was asking because everybody is so sure about his being one of the best dancers in the world... I have seen Mr. Malakhov very often within the last two years and I am pretty sure he was one of the best dancers! he is still a very beautiful man, a special appearance on stage, but sometime it hurts seeing a Desiré oder Siegfried with technical problems.

And by the way, judging from the substancy of the Staatsballett`s programm, I am not sure whether he should seek some professional assistance according the artistical aspects pf developing ballet in Berlin. he is a dancer, he was a perfect dancer - but he is not an artistical visionary!

Just my two cents from the balcony of Staatsoper and Deutsche oper Berlin ;.)

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Sorry, I was lost in the possibilities of editing my post.

@Leonid: Of course he is dancing the leading roles - he is the director of the company!

But there are so many high potencial dancers waiting for the chance of dancing Desiré, Ahmed or Siegfried in the first show and not in the second season...

I really adore Mr. Malakhov because of his very special personality, his presence on stage, his beauty, his Caravaggio was very impressive, much better than the interpretation of other dancers, I loved his Tschaikowsky, I even loved his Percy Shelley (but the ballett itself is terribly long and a littly bit boring...) but nevertheless I am not sure about his career planning... it would be time to give a chance to other colleagues and himself to dance less for his own dignity.

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According to the cast of Le Péri I have to correct myself (and to apologize): Malakhov dances only the first show, the next one will be danced by Marian Walter (soloist) and Mickael Kaniskin (first soloist); la péri will be performed by Diana Vishneva first, then by Iana Salenko and afterwards by Shoko Nakamura; Nurmahal will be givven first by Beatrice Knop, then by Elena Pris and Elisa Carillo Cabrera.

I do not kno w why, but this is a change in Staatsballett`s politics...

I am looking forward to the first show!

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