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  1. Hello!!! What's wrong with Abt's new website. I press www.abt.org it shows the first page it used to have with Washington Post quote, I click on the "click here" and it says that the page doesn't exist or it has moved somewhere else. Has it changed the address?
  2. Hi!!! Sorry if you have already answered it, but why didn't Malakhov dance at the festival? I think he was arranged to dance Manon with Zakharova.
  3. Hi!!! I have seen 3 Giselles in my life . The fisrt was two years ago with Zhanna Ayupova and Victor Baranov. The second was at last year's summer during the Athens Festival 2002. Bolshoi had come and they danced it with Nadezdha Gracheva and Andrei Uvarov at the roles of Giselle and Albrecht respectively. The third and last was this Christmas with Vladimir Malakhov and Diana Vishneva. Unfortunately I haven't seen any others neither in videos which don't exist here nor in anywhere. From what I have seen, I can say that the BEST Giselle I ever saw as a whole is the one with Malakhov and Vishneva. Yet, the best ballerina for thet titled role was Gracheva. I wish I had seen Malakhov and Gracheva together...!!!!
  4. Hi again!!!! I am very please to announce that Malkhov will saty in Greece until the end of January. On 20, 21, 22 and 23 of January he will be dancing along with others some excerpts of modern ballets. This is the program: "Grand pdd" - Julie Kent (Yes, you read right), Vladimir Malakhov (choreography: Christian Spuck) "Comme Neve al Sole" - Alicia Amatriain and Friedman Vogel (choreography: Ronaldo d'Alesio) "Light Rain" - Lucia Lacarra (Yes, you also read right here) and Cyril Pierre (choreography: Gerald Arpino) ("Voyage" - Vladimir Malakhov (choreography: Renato Zanella "In the Middle Somewhat Elevated" - Alicia Amatriain and Friedman Vogel (choreography: William Forsythe) " Tchaikovsky pdd"- Polina Semionova and Artem Shpilevsky (choreography: George Balanchine) " Manon- bedroom pdd" - Julie Kent and Vladimir Malakhov (choreography: Kenneth MacMillan) "Adagio for Strings"- Lucia Lacarra and Cyril Pierre (choreography: Gerard Bombot) " Caught" - Vladimir Malakhov (choreography: David Parsons)
  5. Fantastic! Perfect! Thrilling! Marvelous! Beloved! Unforgettable! I will never forget how I felt before it started and after it finished. Vladimir Malakhov and Diana Visneva are by far the best partership after Nureyev and Fonteyn. The choreography was the best I have ever seen. It was done by Leonidas De Pian and he payed attention even in the smallest detail. This Giselle had something that does not exist in the others that I have seen. The costumes were fabulous, the scenery even more fabulous. It was like you were entering in an other world. That real it was!!!!! Vladimir Malakhov was the most perfect thing I have ever seen in my life. I remember I was shaking when he came out on stage. I had never seen him before and I was very excited about the whole event. This guy jumps in the air and he stays there. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING: HE STAYS IN THE AIR!!!! And when he lands you don't hear anything. It is as if a feather was thrown on the floor. This is how he lands. His face expressions were something unbelievable. He could transmit his feelings to the audience. Especially when Giselle died of a broken heart I almost cried.I think he is by far the most perfect ballet dancer. And he is quite handsome too... Diana Vishneva was quite good, but I expected that she would be better. I liked her face expressions very much. She is very beautiful and she knows how to use her face very well. At some points in act I, she was somehow clumsy it seemed to me. Yet she is quite flexible and she has impecable technique. That was seen in the Mad Scene where she was just perfect. I belive only by her expression someone could understand, but she was dancing in such a way that could convince that she was actually crazy (This is the case when we say that dancers are also actors). On the other hand, in act II, she was just PERFECT! The sad expression on her face was quite beautiful and it made the audience easily understand her pain. She was very light, she was like a leaf taken away by the wind. She seemed so vulnerable without her Albrecht, yet she was like she aquired courage when she saw him and willing to save him. Myrthe was Maria Alexadrova whom I didn't like at all and Hilarion was Yasen Valkanov who was actually pretty good. The peasent pdd was danced by Ivanka Kasabova and Trifon Mittef (sorry if I have mispelled the names, I translate them from greek). Mittef was unexpectadly good but Kasabovava was completely "expressionless", although her dancing was quite good. The two Willlis were Vesa Tonova- Krastanova and and Ivanka Kasabova. This time Kasabova was very beautiful. I think the role of the Willi fits her best. Krastanova was excellent. She seemed so fragile!!! In general, it was the most fabulous Giselle I have ever seen in my life and it made me really happy to be there seeing all those wonderfu dances before my eyes! I will never forget it......
  6. Hi!!!Sorry for not having posted for a long time but my computer suffered from a major virus(I didn't have any Windows-imagine...) I am so grateful that you respond to this thread. I am the happiest person on earth. Vladimir Malakhov is going to come here in Greece to dance Giselle with Diana Vishneva.That is going to happen in December and Leonidas De Pien will choreograph. They will dance in the Megaron of Music. In January he will dance some modern pieces by Neumeier, Duato, Petit, McMillan, Parsons and others. When I heard that, I screamed from my happiness. I can die after seeing him.... Anyway, I just wanted to share my happiness with you!!!! Bye...
  7. Hello!!! I read at malakhov.com that Vladimir was appointed artistic director of Staatsopern Ballet (I don't know if I have spelt it correctly). That is very good but does it mean that he will leave ABT or he will retire from dancing in general? Does he want to ensure his future by asssuming this position because he is going to retire? In his letter at this ballet's website, he was mentioning that he will also dance in certain pieces. I don't know. If he 's going to retire I will just die... What, he is only 34!!!!! If you have any news please do tell me. Bye!!!!
  8. Oopps, I did it again!!!! I didn't know it was fictional. I am so embarassed... I was confused because American Ballet Academy was written on the wall of the building they were supposed to have classes. I knew that SAB was NYCB's school from before.Anyway!!! I guess we are humans and we make mistakes. I hope you had a laugh!!! I did!!! Bye... :o
  9. Hello everyone!!! In the review of Le Corsaire on June 17th you mentioned that ABT soen't have a school. What is the American Ballet Academy then ??? :confused:
  10. Hi!!! How did you learn all this? I know that now that Susan Jaffe is retiring they are looking for sb to "replace" her. It is true that there are many male principals in the company and they should have a female addition. But I am not sure whether Gillian Murphy should be the one. Probably Michele Wiles will be another choice. Or they may leave it the way it is. I do believe, though, that Murphy should be a little more trained to develop her way of expression and then she would be perfect. I do not think that now she can measure up with any of the female principals in the company. What do you think?
  11. I had quit ballet for 1,5 year because of my heavy program at school. Suddenly Center Stage fell into my laps and this movie is the reason I started taking ballet classes again. After that, Julie Kent and Ethan Stiefel became my favorite dancers. When I did a little research on ABT and its dancers I acquired other favorite dancers too. Now, apart from Julie and Ethan, VLADIMIR MALAKHOV is my favorite dancer (I have also posted a thread on him on 'Dancers'). My second best is Angel Corella. I also like Maxim Belotserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko. Also, Paloma Herrera is kind of good. That was a very nice question!!! ;)
  12. Hello everybody!!! Sorry I haven't posted for a long time. I have two questions: 1) Has anybody seen Onegin of the first week of ABT at the Met? If you have, can you please post some reviews? I am really interested, and 2) You know Carlos Acosta from Houston ballet? I went to abt's page in the dancers section and I saw his name on the principals section. Is he the new principal of ABT? thanks in advance. BYE!!!!!
  13. I agree in the fact that he cannot be compared with Nureyev because we are talking about two different dancers in different times. I strongly believe though, that he is- if not the best- one of the best male dancers in the world. He is so passionate and possesses and uses the technique such as no one else does. I went to mariinsky.com and saw some pictures from the 2nd Mariinsky Festival. Among many performances, Malakhov danced 'Manon' with Zhanna Ayupova. When I saw the photos of that performance I stood in awe by the expression on his face. I maybe very melodramatic or exaggerating but I suggest you go and see these photos and you'll remember me. He also danced one of Fokine's ballet with Ayupova again. Thank you for all your replies. I hope I get more.
  14. Hello!!!! My favorite dancer is Vladimir Malakhov. He is so great, he has a great body, he is kind of handsome and the most important is that he is a principal with American Ballet Theatre and a guest principal with Vienna State Opera Ballet. I have heard many balletonames saying that he is the Nureyev of our years!!!! Does this really stand? What is your opinion on that?
  15. Hi to everybody!!! I went to ABT's home page and read on the news that Susan Jaffe is retiring as a principal dancer. Her last performance will be on June 24, 2002 and she will be dancing Giselle. I wonder why she retires... Anyway, I just wanted to inform you.Bye!!!
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