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  1. Hi, take my word, you will not regret it, it is a wonderful performance. Nadia Saidakova giving Tatiana is always driving me into tears and Iana Salenko is a wonderful Olga... Best regards!
  2. Probably interesting to know: Polina Semionova, first soloist at Malakhovs Staatsballett Berlin announced via Facebook that this season will be her last as a fixed member of the company. Does anybody know more? Best regards, passionate admirer
  3. yes, yes, yes, a dancer`s life! Thank you so much, I was going nuts because I could not remember the title (and could not find this wonderful film). Best regards!
  4. Hello to everybody! Years ago I have found a film on you tube about young ballet students (who never turned out to become dancers in the end) in New York and I cannot remember the title/ the filmmaker... nothing! Just a very touching scene in the end of the film with Nurejew practising in a studio together with other dancers. Could anybody of you - with better memories - help me with more details? Thank you so much in advance! Passionate admirer
  5. I had a different question in mind, why Vishneva and why not one of the Staatsballett`s first soloists? Everyone, Salenko, Saidakova, Nakamura, Semionova, they are all as perfect as Diana Vishneva (who was nevertheless very etherial, light, graceful, but a little bit... lacklustre). Best Regards from the balcony of the Staatsoper Berlin
  6. According to the cast of Le Péri I have to correct myself (and to apologize): Malakhov dances only the first show, the next one will be danced by Marian Walter (soloist) and Mickael Kaniskin (first soloist); la péri will be performed by Diana Vishneva first, then by Iana Salenko and afterwards by Shoko Nakamura; Nurmahal will be givven first by Beatrice Knop, then by Elena Pris and Elisa Carillo Cabrera. I do not kno w why, but this is a change in Staatsballett`s politics... I am looking forward to the first show!
  7. Sorry, I was lost in the possibilities of editing my post. @Leonid: Of course he is dancing the leading roles - he is the director of the company! But there are so many high potencial dancers waiting for the chance of dancing Desiré, Ahmed or Siegfried in the first show and not in the second season... I really adore Mr. Malakhov because of his very special personality, his presence on stage, his beauty, his Caravaggio was very impressive, much better than the interpretation of other dancers, I loved his Tschaikowsky, I even loved his Percy Shelley (but the ballett itself is terribly long and a littly bit boring...) but nevertheless I am not sure about his career planning... it would be time to give a chance to other colleagues and himself to dance less for his own dignity.
  8. I was asking because everybody is so sure about his being one of the best dancers in the world... I have seen Mr. Malakhov very often within the last two years and I am pretty sure he was one of the best dancers! he is still a very beautiful man, a special appearance on stage, but sometime it hurts seeing a Desiré oder Siegfried with technical problems. And by the way, judging from the substancy of the Staatsballett`s programm, I am not sure whether he should seek some professional assistance according the artistical aspects pf developing ballet in Berlin. he is a dancer, he was a perfect dancer - but he is not an artistical visionary! Just my two cents from the balcony of Staatsoper and Deutsche oper Berlin ;.)
  9. Curious question: When did you see him live on stage last time? Best regards from Berlin...
  10. I also have been a silent visitor for the whole last year, the time when I discovered the beauty of clssical dance for myself. A passion, a love which has blossomed late in my life, as a semi professional musician I was always addicted to classical music and opera... I have seen my first ballet in Berlin by chance: "Glories of the romantic ballet" with four wonderful ballerinas: Nadia Saidakova, Polina Semionova, Shoko Nakamura and Beatrice Knop and of course, Vladimir Malakhov, and before the show found an end a fell in love with the very special beauty of dancing and from this very special evening on I saw almost every show of the Staatsballett Berlin - at least twice ;-)! Then I became interested in comparising the shows I have seen with other productions and other dancers and this board was and is still a great help for chosing DVDs... Thank you all for your help. And please apologize my terrible mistakes in grammar as well as style and vocabulary... Best wishes from berlin - the season has started with a very special Gala including Ullian Lopatkina`s Dying Swan....
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