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Ballet fan

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Hi all.


I did not grow up knowing what ballet was other than a Nut performance on VHS.  The last couple of years, due to my dd dancing, I've become a huge fan.  I love this artform.  I cry just watching youtube performances.  I love buying out of print ballet books (especially fun when they come signed!!).  I love the music.  I've seen a few live performances but I'm on a limited budget.  I've been a long time lurker, here; I love reading what seasoned balletomes have to say about individual dancers.   


My dream would be to have a time machine and go back to see Gelsey Kirkland live in Romeo and Juliet :)





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Welcome to Ballet Alert! Balletwannabe!


Keep an eye on the Videos and Heads Up! forums:  there are announcements for live streams and videos that aren't yet on YouTube.  @volcanohunter finds great things that are showing on French streams, and you should check out medici.tv, which often has some videos available for non-subscribers (although you have to create a free account to get through the login screen that generally displays after you've started to watch).

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