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Reid Anderson's 20th anniversary gala

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A report from Ilona Landgraf.

Norbert Lammert, presiding officer of the German parliament, wittily praised Anderson for preserving the Cranko heritage without turning Stuttgart Ballet into a Cranko museum. He said that during the last two decades there have been ninety-five premieres, including eight narrative ballets and that Stuttgart has become the destination for international ballet pilgrimages. Indeed, Stuttgart’s many foreign visitors during the ballet festival weeks prove him right.

The dancing that followed was comprised of fifteen pieces, four of them world premieres, and concluded with a joint finale. International guests shared the stage with their Stuttgart colleagues. The Stuttgart State Orchestra was conducted by James Tuggle and Wolfgang Heinz.

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I remember Anderson remarking several years ago that he was relieved to be going to Stuttgart, where he didn't need to worry about "butts in seats"

the irony being that according to someone at the festival, attendance at Stuttgart Ballet averages about 93%, and the company can stage an evening of 3 world premieres and it will sell out. Reid Anderson can program things that could (and elsewhere would) result in half-empty houses and not worry about it.

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