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Universal Ballet "La Bayadere" in L.A.

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I just returned from watching the Universal Ballet perform "La Bayadere" at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in L.A.

In a word: Wow.

Gorgeous sets and costumes and a corps de ballet to rival any world-class company.

This production is very similar to the Nureyev production for POB, but perhaps even more sumptuous, and without the silly Nureyev additions. And although the Shades act in Nureyev's version starts with 32 shades, 6 drop out after the entrance dance (at least when performed in Costa Mesa). In this production all 32 shades are used throughout.

While the work by the principals and soloists was fine, especially Eun-Sun Jun as Nikia, the real star of this production was the corps. I sat through this performance completely enthralled by a company meticulously coached and drilled, yet which performed with spontaneity and joy.

It bears repeating: Wow!


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They are going to be in New York soon. I would be interested in seeing the dancers, of course, but I am really torn about supporting an enterprise that is sponsored by the Moonies. I'm really torn about this. It isn't the dancers fault, but then they did accept employment under the aegis of a cult that I find really scary. :confused:

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This one will never die, it seems. Like the Kirov Academy, the company is not sponsored by "the Moonies." It's funded by one Moonie who seems to genuinely love ballet. If he were a Born Again Christian, a Muslim, or a Greek Orthodox Catholic, would we care?

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Not to mention that this enterprise funded another well-known ballet company for five years. There are a number of things in the world which are owned by, or financially supported by groups with which I disagree. As long as I am not forced to listen to proselytizing, or asked to buy flowers, or called away from dinner by someone ringing my doorbell, I don't care.

This is America--if you feel as if you are contributing to a cause, however indirectly, with which you disagree, then you simply do not attend the function, or give money or time. Pretty simple....

I look forward to hearing other reports about the performances.

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I got my tickets to La Bayadere hoping they were not sponsored by the moonies--I hope you are correct, Alexandra. I became suspicious because the price of the orchestra seats are $50. which is quite low for the New York State Theatre.

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The prices were comparatively low for Washington, as well--unfortunately, I couldn't attend any of the performances for which I bought tickets! :rolleyes:

Hope others go and report on this, and Shim Chung, another ballet they are doing, as well--the latter is very pretty.

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Originally posted by felursus:

...I am really torn about supporting an enterprise that is sponsored by the Moonies.  I'm really torn about this.  It isn't the dancers fault, but then they did accept employment under the aegis of a cult that I find really scary.      :confused:

I guess that's a legitimate response. Were you so fastidious about attending performances by the Kirov and the Bolshoi when they were supported by the Soviet regime? I don't really know much about Moon's church, but it can't possibly be as scary as the Soviet Union was.

I can assure you that nobody at the Music Center tried to hand me a pamphlet.

This is a well-funded company, and neither Universal Ballet nor Rev. Moon will suffer from the loss of your ticket purchase. But you will miss a stunning display of classical dancing.


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While not wishing to take sides in this argument, I must point out that Soviet socialism was merely politics. The issue with the Unification Church is over theology, and all the wars that lined up on the basis of religious affiliations didn't just end with Napoleon. Few subjects can get people so exercised as differences in religious thought.

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