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  1. This move can also be seen in Gamzatti's variation in the pas de deux of "La Bayadere." its proper name is grand fouetté relevé en tournant en dedans. Here is the description of the move from the "Ballet CD-ROM": And I agree with Gia that Michelle Wiles did them beautifully, with a clean stop at each attitude before launching into the next grand battement. ~Steve
  2. First of all, a plug for the home team: the ballerinas in "Being John Malkovich" were all from San Diego's California Ballet. Discovering this company is one of the joys of having moved here. The movie version of "Chicago" has just been released on DVD. The role of Hunyak (the Hungarian-speaking and only innocent member of the "Six Merry Murderesses") is played by Ekaterina Chtchelkanova (aka Ekaterina (Katya)Schelkanova or Shelkanova). She was trained at the Vaganova Institute, danced as a soloist with the Kirov before joining ABT as a corps member in 1995. Some of us have fond memories
  3. My reaction is pretty much the same as Victoria's. It was a fairly painless hour and a half of television, but I'm glad I didn't go to the bother and expense of seeing this at a theater. The choregraphy was modern with just a few flourishes of ballet tacked on. At some points, such as when Iago is expressing his angst, it was so cliche'd it verged on parody. The music was portentious but largely empty of content and was forgotten as soon as it ended. The dancers were wonderful, giving the choreography far better than it deserved. Yuan Yuan Tan alone made this worth watching. ~Steve
  4. I do tend to focus most of my attention on the women... Friday night's Solor was Nikolay Tsiskaridze and Saturday afternoon's Solor was Sergei Filin. Both gave strong performances, and I couldn't say which I preferred. Friday night's Bronze Idol, Morihiro Ivata, was very impressive with strong and clean movements. Denis Medvedev on Saturday was not as precise.
  5. I was at the Friday night and Saturday afternoon performances. La Bayadere is my favorite full-length ballet and I loved both performances. The corps was sigh-inducing in it's uniformity, placement and stylistic integrity. The female leads on Friday (Galina Stepanenko as Nikiya and Maria Alexandrova as Gamzatti) were the stronger of the casts, although Saturday's women (Anna Antonicheva and Maria Allash) were also quite good. The choreographic additions, I assume by Grigorovich, often verged on silly. Gamzatti is attended by a group of fan-bearing slave girls whose dance looks like it was
  6. What happened to all the Southern California posters here? The Bolshoi just concluded a run of "La Bayadere" at Costa Mesa and there haven't been any comments. Didn't anybody attend?
  7. Thanks, Leigh! This is happy news indeed. I'll be checking the PA Ballet board looking forward to reading news of this beautiful and exciting dancer.
  8. The first name that springs to my mind when I hear the words "dancer's dancer" is Fred Astaire. ~Steve
  9. Perhaps the piece is by Andrei Ballanchivadze, Georgi's composer brother. ~Steve
  10. Perhaps the piece is by Andrei Ballanchivadze, Georgi's composer brother. ~Steve
  11. Over the past few years, I've gone through many favorite dancers, but while others have risen to the top and later dropped back down off the list, Susan Jaffe has always remained among my top 3. I'm going to miss her. ~Steve
  12. I also found towns called Swan Lake in Idaho, Montana and Nebraska. William Byrd Park in Richmond, VA has a lake called Swan Lake. In Canada, there are lakes called Swan Lake in Manitoba and Yukon Territory. Manitoba also has a town called Swan Lake (nowhere near the lake of that name). Saskatchewan has a set of lakes called Swan Lakes. There is also a lake by that name in Victoria, Australia. ~Steve
  13. Actually, ABT was in San Diego not Orange County. This was the first time in 15 years that ABT has been here, and since I've made my home in San Diego for the last 4 years this was an exciting event for me. Usually, I have to make the 75 minute drive up to Costa Mesa to see any major company. I had feared that the terrible events of the past week would put a damper on the performances, but the opposite happened; after four days of immersion in the horror of the attacks in NYC and Arlington, the audience was immensely relieved to have the chance to turn away for a moment and revel in the bea
  14. Mark Dendy also did a version of "Swan Lake" for a company in Germany that was set in the White House and, in the Siegfried role, featured a philandering president. ~Steve
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