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Stella Abrera Profile

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I had previously thought of BuzzFeed as the nadir of online journalism, but then they published this long profile of our beloved Stella. :D

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I'm glad to see her get some attention, and I thought a few of you would enjoy reading it as well. The term "soloist purgatory" is in the intro.


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Thought I'd add this here instead of starting a new thread...

Abrera will be performing After the Rain with Craig Hall on April 4 at City Center as part of the Breaking Barriers program.

The CC site doesn't mention what she'll be performing, but she discusses it on her Instagram feed that includes some gorgeous rehearsal photos. I'm dreaming about ABT acquiring this piece for the Fall season with Abrera and Gomes. Wow.



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My friend and colleague Ernabel Demillo hosts a CUNY TV series called Asian American Life. Even before Stella's promotion, I was pestering her to do a profile on one of my favorite ABT dancers. She interviewed her during Nutcracker rehearsals this Fall, and the full profile was released yesterday. It includes clips from La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty (Bluebird variation), and Leaves are Fading, as well as Stella rehearsing the Nutcracker PDD with Alexander Hammoudi.


I had to chuckle over the "to Stella's surprise, and probably no one else's . . ."

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