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Paloma Herrera's final performance to be streamed live

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According to the Colón site, Herrera's partner is supposed to be Gonzalo Garcia. Is this NYCB's Garcia or another dancer with the same name? I'm puzzled because as of today he's also scheduled to perform in New York that evening. Obviously he can't be in two places at once, unless he's got bilocating skills we don't know about.


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There is a PDF version of the program. Unless there are changes to casting, the lineup for the stream should look like this:

Juliet - Paloma Herrera
Romeo - Gonzalo Garcia

Mercutio - Nahuel Prozzi
Benvolio - Martín Vedia
Tybalt - Vagram Ambartsoumian
Paris - Gerardo Wyss
Nurse - Norma Molina
Lady Capulet - Marta Desperés
Lord Capulet - Nestor Asaff
Lady Montague - María Rosa Magán
Lord Montague - Sergio Hochbaum
Rosaline - Laura Beccaceci
Escalus - Leandro Tolosa
Friar Laurence - Ricardo Ale


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It does appear that high demand made the site crash just before the ballroom scene, and although I checked in periodically, I didn't get any video after that. I hope it wasn't a complete write-off for everyone. I sort of hope priority was given to users from Argentina, because my tax dollars didn't pay for the stream. But if the point of the streams is to promote the Teatro Colón internationally, then they can't be considered very effective so far.

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