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Thank you so much Quiggin!

Trifonov's teacher, Sergei Babayan, who played the Second and Fifth concertos, was splendid, too. I had always misunderstood and thought that the Fourth concerto was abandoned by Prokofiev, not Wittgenstein. It's a remarkable work, here played by Alexei Volodin.

Here are the direct links to the pages with the three parts to the program:

Numbers 1 and 2
Number 3
Numbers 4 and 5

Today's counter says there are 24 days left to list, which means an expire date of around 26 August.

It was very different playing than in the Tchaikovsky competition smile.png.

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On medici.tv, which means it should be up for at least three months, if not six, a wonderful performance of two-handed piano works played by Trifonov and Babayan at the Verbier Festival (live, 25 July 2015):


Rachmaninov: Suite for 2 Pianos No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 5

Rachmaninov: Suite for Two Pianos No. 2 Op. 17

Rimsky-Korsakov/Babin: Dance of the Tumblers


Liszt: 12 Transcendental Etudes

Trifonov: Rachmaniana Suite 1, Suite 5

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