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Cedar Lake Ballet to close

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I'm sorry to learn this. I didn't like everything Cedar Lake did, but I certainly appreciated the opportunity to see works by choreographers who aren't much showcased in New York. The company was polished and professional, and the dancers were often exceptional.

Arrghh! I'm already using the past tense!

Their building is located just off The High Line in a rapidly developing neighborhood; my guess is that it's a valuable asset, even if it's now worth more as a tear-down than as an existing structure.

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This news makes me sad on several different levels. Alongside Kathleen's observations, this company toured, and even with the draconian incentive structure, the dancers were under contract, including medical/dental care.

No idea what might happen with their facility -- after the emergency saves of DTW/New York Live Arts and Dance New Amsterdam/Gibney Dance, I'm not sure who else has the pockets or the gravitas to run a studio/performance space.

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More about Cedar Lake's closing:


It's interesting to compare the contrasting fortunes of dance companies in the United States versus France. In France, the classical ballet is confined to a few outposts (Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse) while the contemporary dance flourishes. In the United States, the opposite is occurring: Cedar Lake is closing its doors, Merce Cunningham disbanded his company, the fate of the Trisha Brown company is uncertain, Luna Negra in Chicago disbanded, etc.

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